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Help me!


Pro Club Tosser
Nov 6, 2005
Okay....so I dont know as much as I thought. I thought that I would go pick out some new clubs last weekend and realized that I didnt know squat! I couldnt get anyone to help me at the golf pro shop, so once again I shall rely on all of you guys.

What is the difference between forged, blades, cavity back, muscleback, etc.?

I am a hopeless golfer and dont need anything that requires great consistency striking, so what style would be best for me?

Im not trying to get on the tour or anything, just love the game.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
The head,forged or cast,cast is harder and cheaper to make.Forged uses better quality steel for increased feel,tend to be more expensive.

Blades-high centre of gravity,no/little offset,small topline,low bounce,used mainly by players that want to shape the ball regularly,i.e low handicap playeres
Cavities-high cog,max offset to help square the face and get the ball in the air,weight around edge to help minimise vibrations off centre (called perimeter weighting)
Muscles-tend to be blades with lower cog than a 'true' blades.

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