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Help! What is the rule?



Hi, I'm about to go to 'war' with my local golf committe over an incident in a club competition. Strokeplay event- It was raining and certain members walked off the course because they were wet. Subsequently they put in a No Return, yet still won small prize for the '2's club for getting a 2 at one of the 3 or 4 holes that they played. Surely they are disqualified for leaving the course and therefore not eligible for the "2's". Also in strokeplay can you No Return? I understand in Stableford but surely Strokeplay you have to complete the hole or be disqualified? What makes it worse is the members were all "Committee and or ex- committe members" Is this hypocritical elitism. Isn't golf a game based on trust and honesty.

The master

Oct 24, 2004
Welcome aboard.

Actaully I don't think the 2's is a part of the actual cometition it is just run seperatly for fun, as it is a "option" and you don't have to go into it.

I think there is no actual ruleing for it and the competition convenor makes the overall descision.

I have had a NR before and still filled out a 2's card.

So maybe they are right.

And yes you can NR it is 1 week suspension in our club but it is allowed but you automatically get .1 back on your handicap.


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But what about leaving the course. The R & A say " bad weather is no reason to leave the course.

The master

Oct 24, 2004
R & A also have no rule on DQ on walking off the course.

What usuallly happens in these situations is the commitee comes to a conclusion and suspends the members that have walked in form club competitions. I'm not actually sure if the R & A have enforced this rule to all clubs or it is just our club rule.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Here is my impression on your situation.

Players must continue to play until play has been suspended by whomever is in charge of the tournament. If players discontinue play without a Suspension by the Rules Committee - then they should be DQ'ed...


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
You are basically talking about a "skins" game. These things are an aside from the real competition. Basically, it's gambling and not covered as a Rule of Golf.

These things would be handled by your committee. I know in our club, even if you DNF(do not finish) you are still eligible for skins money and closest to the pin(nearies) money.

Sadly, this type of situation should be clearly stated as a "Club Rule" whether or not to pay 2's cards, or skins, or nearies without completing a round.

The guys in question actually DID shoot the 2's, so I imagine they are entitled to whatever part of the pot they get for doing so. Side games like that, generally, don't consider if you finished or not.

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