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helpful aids...



okay i have a couple of problems that i would like to address. well more than a couple but we have to start somewhere...

although all parts of my game are dire...

how do i improve my putting, without spending hours on the practice green? don't think the wife would approve of that. is there some "home stuff" that would be helpful?

secondly i have been using excel to track my scores but apart from them just being bland numbers infront of me, and large ones too. is there anything out there that would be helpful? you know to help keep a record of my game.

I have done a prelim search on this but have not hit on anything yet.



Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Swingsure gives you a 3 panel card where you put a dot where the ball lands thru the 3 different parts of the hole. It gives you a better visual and you can record them online so you can see your progress or what you need to work on the most.


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2005
On your putting, you first need to determine where any problems arise, ie: reading the greens, speed or direction. I was able to solve a directional problem using the Red Line lazer device that attaches to the putter, it works very well.

On the excel spreadsheet, it shouldn't be too hard to expand the spreadsheet and add "greens hit", # of putts, yardage of shots, etc.....best to do this on a hole-to-hole basis. OR, there is a nice website out there (can't remember addy right now) that is free and will do all this for you....I found it from a recommendation on this board.


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