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Hey new members...


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I see alot of new members have signed up to the site, but hardly have any posts.

Here's a thread to intoduce yourselves or just sound off about anything!

C'mon guys, let's come out of the woodwork and show us your stuff!

Welcome aboard!


The master

Oct 24, 2004
Yeah there seems to be a lot of newbies here and at GR guess golf forums are getting more popular. Master mania is getting spread around the golfing community.


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
Well I would deffently consider myself a new member so here is a little bit about me. My name is Will and I am 13 years old. I am going onto my 3rd year of golf and I am addicted to it. Last year I went about 80 times and this year I plan to go around 100 times this year. Ummmm.. I dont really have much to say. My clubs are just a cheap set from a store around here that just closed. But they are my clubs. I am a junior member at Fox Hill Golf

I would post a picture of my swing but it is the middle of winter and there is about a foot of snow on the ground.

Well thats about all. Oh Yea this forum is awesome I have been looking for a good golf forum for a while and couldnt find one then I stumbled upon this one yesterday.

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