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Dec 1, 2007
Anyone had any luck with Dynacraft components from Hireko??? I just bought a complete set of Dynacraft Prophet clubs-10 degree Draw biased Driver head, 3 and 5 woods.. all shafted with True Ace Orange ion shafts...(they have a very low torque 3.2 for an inexpensive shaft), Prophet hybrids 3-5, 6-PW Prophet irons, 52 and 56 degree forged Prophet wedges, steel apollo shadow shafts for hybrids, irons, and wedges....and yes to complete the set.... a Prophet putter....Total bill $408.25.... I thought about selling the complete set once I put them together....I get bored in the winter:(!!! The clubs look totally awesome and had great reviews.... they all have the maraging face with the high 'Coefficient of Restitution' or in laymen terms "rebound effect"....Jeff Summit the technician at Hireko says every prophet component head he has tried has delivered more ball speed than any other product ....Soooo would it be wrong if I was prophesising a profit???:laugh:

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