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Hit a plateau ????????


Never Lay Up
Supporting Member
Jul 10, 2007
So if Dub won't pull the driver out, does this make him a "plateau" puss ?


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
I never said hitting fairways is the key btw. Just keeping it in play and having looks at the green is enough. If you are keeping it in play, the extra length of the driver will make your approaches easier due to being closer to the green.

With a shorter club in your hand, more than likely you'll hit the green, or be on the fringe. Especially since Dub said his iron game is on.

AND, if you are 3-putting EIGHT times per round you need to go get a library card. Golf isn't for you.:)


Winter Sucks!
Supporting Member
Dec 29, 2008
Southeast Wisconsin
United States United States
I think it was SUX that said not too long ago that the driver was the only club that people think has no distance limit. Try hitting your driver with the goal of hitting 235, but right where you want it. There are actually a couple benefits to this... being in play and getting practice with longer irons. Or play holes in 3 strokes to the green with a shorter/mid iron and get more practice putting the ball as close as possible from within 50yds. If you can play like that hitting every shot the direction you want it to go you probably won't shoot much, if any, worse and you in turn will be getting a lot of reps with everything. Eventually this will build confidence and you'll work back into stepping it up again and hopefully with more success.

Listen to me... like I know what i'm talkin about. Sounds really good, maybe I should try it too.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
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That unlimited driver is exactly my problem. I step up the tee box telling myself 3/4's swing, but just as I begin my downswing its like somebody flips a switch and I turn into Magilla Gorilla. The rare occasion I actually make myself put a controled swing on the ball I keep it in play and make a good 260- 280 yard drive. Thats not internet yardage either, thats GPS verified. eClark has seen me uncork it a few times.

And therein lies my problem, I know I can knock the ell out of it. Its like, I know I can, therefore I have to, :D


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
MDW, you can't knock the hell out of it. Or if you do, make sure it's an accident. Think about hitting the ball 240 yards in the right direction. Worry about your contact. Deal with the outcome when you find the ball. But STOP trying to swing fast. Golf isn't about speed, it's about CONTROLLED speed. You'll miss sometimes, that's fine, but your thought should be good alignment and good contact. Think about how far you hit it as you're walking toward it.


Well-Known Member
May 5, 2009
I'm wondering if you are out of condition and getting lazy through the hitting area as the round progresses.
Either that or you expect more from your driver after you find play and try to hard to smash it farther and come OTT.
The best advice I can come up with is get better flexibilty and in better shape followed with working on your set up and delivery to the ball.
Have you tried a preset stronger grip that allow you to release the club naturally ala Freddy Couples?
Believe it or not, I think it is much easier to hit a draw from an open stance.

If you want to try this I'd lay two clubs on the ground at the range along with a range basket to not allow any type of OTT move.

One club should point to the target or slightly right ( whatever works for your minds eye; one placement will be to let you know where the target is and you can swing inside that or the other placement will be to get you swinging on that line which is inside ) The other club will be open to the target line, maybe 5-10* open. ( thi one is your toe line )

From here you should feel it is much easier to swing from the inside and turn the ball over.

You may need to experiment slightly with ball position but definitely an eye opener if you can ingrain this feeling.

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