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Hit someone with a drive


Nov 29, 2005
I'm 14 and started golfing late last summer, but i really decided to pick it up this year. So i was playing my 2nd round of the year, and i get to the 5th tee feeling pretty good, so i teed it up and pulled out the driver and hit...a huge boaring slice right at the 4th teebox. I yelled four about 10 times at the top of my lungs, but the kid didn't look up. A kid from my foursome yells get the f*** outta the way moron, and that did the trick, but just as he turned he got pegged right in the hip, he fell to the ground as my ball bounced back in play thanks to his hip. I knew the kid, because i played hockey with him, but i still felt real bad. The funny thing is i hit the green on my 2nd shot and made birdie. Thanks mike!

To see this better look at the 4th and 5th holes


Crackhead Zebra
Oct 31, 2005
Good Play

Thats just playing the course as your ball found it. To bad it didn't hit something harder might have got some real good bounce.:)


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I got hit in the top of the head with a ball as it fell from the sky. It hurt like hell - felt like a rock.

Looked at the ball and it was a Pinnacle.

Hard balls I tell you hard balls.


Life's too short to drink cheap wine.
Apr 29, 2005
Bravo said:
I got hit in the top of the head with a ball as it fell from the sky. It hurt like hell - felt like a rock.

Methinks that statement explains a lot. (unspoken is an unfair comment about rational vs. irrational thoughts, and causes thereof):)


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Spoken like a true golfer.

"I hit some dude with an errant drive, and leveled him. But hey! I got a GIR out of it!"


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
B, same thing happened to a friend of mine a few years ago - and honest to god, his memory has been total shit since it happened.


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Nov 5, 2005
If I started this thread, I'd say that they were standing to the right of me.


Well-Known Member
Oct 28, 2005
I was experimenting with a flop shot and as I stood up to my shot the last thing I looked at was my buddy hunched over sizing up his putt and thought be funny if I hit him. in an attempt to open up my 53* wedge ended up letting the club get ahead of my hands and thinning it with a line drive that would have flew the green, except it flew off my buddies forehead and held the green.

I have a buddy that weighs in at 300+ pounds and pounds his weight in yards with driver. Well one day he skied it about a mile high and 80 yards out. Hole was a dogleg right and there were 6 of us in 3 carts, me being in poppa pound the balls cart. We couldn't find his drive out in the rough and the other two carts were at the edge of the woods where the dogleg breaks right, where other guys are looking for their lost shots. (we're all just hackers) He decided to drop and I asked him why not just drop up there where everyone else is dropping, but he "wanted to keep it right". Whatever, I tell him the green is over the trees, right in line with the cart that my buddy that got hit in the head earlier was riding. We tell them heads up, pow, poppa pound the ball thins his 4 iron about 5 feet off the ground and it hits the back of the cart where our buddy is now laying in the seat...if it hadn't hit the canopy frame it would have killed the guy. There were dimples left in the steel where the ball hit the cart. Golf accidents...or are they?


Well-Known Member
Dec 1, 2005
I hit a guy way back when I was a junior. I was in a little tourney and the starter asked me to tee off. I told him I should wait they were still too close... this went on for a bit, and I finally gave up and hit. Well out come the "4's" and sure enough hit buddy right in the back. I looked at the starter and said "told you" it was pretty funny.. well not for the guy who got hit.


Well-Known Member
Dec 9, 2005
i got hit today

it was just today that i got hit in the balls by my friend i was standing over the back of the bunker and my friend tried a flop shot out of the bunker and he hit it straight into my balls i hurt like hell i was on the ground for 5 minutes we had to call the following group through. cheers ruffin


Well-Known Member
Sep 23, 2005
Years ago our foursome tee'd off and one of my buddy's decided to take a muligan (after I had walked about 20 yds down the cart path).

I was still in middle school at the time, and I had a pull cart (no $ for a cart). So he tells me he is going to hit his mulligan, and I decide to kneel down gehind my pull cart.

Almost every part of my body was under cover. Which is why his drive made a b line for my knee (the one part that was exposed). I swear to God I had reverse dimples on the giant welt growing on my knee. Hurt like hell, but we kept playing. :faintthud


Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2005
Sunny Southern California
United States United States
A story I recently heard-

A guy teed off from the back tee and hit his wife, who was waiting on the front Ladies tee, in the head and killed her. The coroners report backed up the golfers story, but wanted to know what the welt was on her back. The golfer said, "Oh, that was my mulligan."


Well-Known Member
Dec 13, 2005
I was on a practice green once and almost hit my little brother. Just nailed my neighbors house yesterday....

I feel bad for your friend though.


Purchased a better game
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2006
United States United States
THIS, is exactly why I love the Hacker's forum.


dont tread on me
Dec 8, 2005
Had a kid behind us nail a killer drive right thru the cart and bounce off the steering wheel. scary that he could have hurt us, and scary yet that we were well out there 320 yards or more going to our second shots and i think the ball came in on the fly. only justice was the deflection put it in the woods.

cant resist this joke on the subject tho:
A couple of women were playing golf one sunny Saturday morning. The first of the twosome teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole.

Indeed, the ball hit one of the men, and he immediately clasped his hands together at his crotch, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in evident agony.

The woman rushed down to the man and immediately began to apologize. She explained that she was a physical therapist: "Please allow me to help. I'm a physical therapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you'd just allow me!" she told him earnestly.

"Ummph, oooh, nnooo, I'll be all right. I'll be fine in a few minutes," he replied breathlessly as he remained in the fetal position still clasping his hands together at his crotch. But she persisted, and he finally allowed her to help him.

She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, she loosened his pants, and she put her hands inside. After a short massage she asked him, "How does that feel?"

To which he replied: "It feels great, but my thumb still hurts like hell!"

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