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Hogan Edge Pros 3-FW,Nike HC,Nike Balls,FJ Lady Shoes,Rossa Monza HC


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Sep 15, 2008
Hogan Edge Pros 3-FW,2-14 Gram weightsNike HC,Nike Balls,FJ Lady Shoes,Rossa Monza HC

For Sale Set of Hogan Edge Pros. 9 Clubs Total

3,4,5,6,7,8,9,EW,FW Regular Hogan Shafts #3

Stock Hogan Grips standard Lie and Loft.

These clubs have the usual small nicks and dings that you always find on a soft metal forged iron.

The faces and grooves and are very very good shape with just a few small nicks/ marks on them.

180$ Shipped and Insured thru FedEx Ground.

Rossa Monza Center Shafted Magnet Weighted Headcover.
Just Like new, no marks rips or anything wrong with this at all.
16.00$ Shipped USPS With Tracking

2- 14 gram after market weights, these fit all Taylormade clubs that use the weight system.I actually have a pair of these in my Monza putter and the fit just like TM weights.They use the same size wrench as the TM wrench or you can also use the T25 Torx wrench.

19.00$ Shipped for the pair.

Foot Joy Europa Womans Shoes 9 1/2 Red/White pretty high end shoes.
Wife decided she wants a a more basic color shoe..LOL
Really nice looking if you can stand Red/White and in quite outstanding shape with very good soft spikes .
18.00$ Shipped with a USPS Delivery Confirmation

"Brand New In Box Nike Golf Balls"

2x3 Packs Nike Juice 312
3x3 Packs Nike MoJo
15 Total balls
16.00$ Shipped

Set of 3 Nike Zippered Headcovers
3 Wood
No Tag Fairway Wood
No rips/stains or tears in these.
The driver is a little different colored Blue then the other fairway covers .
21.00$ Shipped with a USPS delivery confirmation

Mizuno Fli-Hi Headcover No tags
8.00$ Shipped

Mizuno MX-500 Driver Headcover
Just as good as new, no stains or rips.
11.00$ Shipped

2 Dozen Titleist Balls Used
No Logos, No Pen Marks, No Scuffs, No water Balls, just nice clean used balls with the nice high end luster you want from a quality used ball.
I couldnt call them mint because they have been hit, but Im sure you will be quite happy with quality of these.

Ball Break Down

12 DT Solos 90C
7 NXT Tours 90C
5 NXT 90C

18.00 Shipped, USPS With a Delivery Confirmation

That breakdown is about 6.50$ a dozen, because its costs around 5.75$ to ship in the states with a Delivery Confirmation..

I work at home so I can almost always ship next day!!!!
you will recieve a PM right here with all tracking info right after item has shipped.




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I do not have enough posts right now to allow for links to my references just shoot me a PM and I can send along reference Links.

If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area Pick-Ups are welcomed.

Feel free to ask any questions or request more pics.

Faster responses @ jamessnow7153@gmail.com



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Sep 15, 2008
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Updated and added a few items.

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