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horrible play after having a lesson?


Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2006
ok ive been playing for about a year with no lessons. before my first lesson, my low score was an 89. i had my first lesson last monday. it was actually just a clinic where there were about 13 people and 3 pros. it was only supposed to be an hour long but i was there for 2 hours and the head pro was actually helping me individually in this extra time. i was hitting the ball pretty well going into the lesson and was seeking consistency. during the lesson i hit the ball well and the tips and instruction of the pro helped me hit the ball cleaner and it did seem to help with consistency.
the next day, my buddy and i went to play a round and i had the best driving 9 holes of my life. i hit the fringes of the green on two par 4's and hit a 375 yard drive on a par 5 with about a 15 mph downwind. best drive of my life. i was hitting the ball great the rest of the 9. the back 9, we paired up with some people we didn't know cause of a very slow group in front and my swing fell apart. i tend to get nervous when i play with strangers and i guess thats what happened. i was still on cloud 9 from the front 9 and didn't think anything of it.
i didn't swing a club again until friday when i went to the range and had the worst range session in 5-6 months. every drive was a slice. EVERY SINGLE DRIVE. im talking 100+ yard slicers. 80% of my iron shots were slicing. only my wedges went straight. i had just gotten out of the gym and didn't get much sleep the night before so i thought it was a fluke session.
i just got back from the range today and while i did improve a little since friday, im still slicing like crazy and something just feels terrible. the thing is, i haven't sliced the ball like this since i first started about a year ago now. when i miss-hit, its a hook and has been for at least 3-4 months. this slice came out of no where.
is this common after having a lesson? ive heard a couple stories of friends having a lesson and playing horrible for a couple weeks afterwards. have i lost my swing? i felt like quitting this game after these past two range sessions.


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
We all do it. I watched a 70s shooter put a pitching wedge into the water yesterday with a low slicer, in a tournement. It was obvious that he just tried to help the ball into the air instead of hitting down on the ball and trusting his swing.

In the same tourney I hit a monster drive down the center of the fairway on a par 4, outdriving everyone else by 40 yards (good bounce). I was feeling good until I proceeded to chunk 3 short wedges into the creek in front of the green. :(

Keep at it, it'll come back.

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
I would usually play horrible for a couple rounds after a lesson.

I think I would relate it to the "paralysis by analysis" concept. You want to make sure you get every little detail correct when on the swing. Having to think alot is never a good thing with the golf swing. You tense up, which is bad for golf.

I don't take alot of lessons anymore, usually like the concept of figuring things out on my own and have a good enough general understanding of where to look and what to read to help me out. In doing so I have found that it helps to go through the routine in the living room or front yard 10 to 15 minutes a day until it is second nature. Like when I am walking the dog. The dog gets a little distracted as I probably would if someone were swing a club while I was sitting on the toilet, but he'll learn to cope. :)

Less to think about on the first tee.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007
This relates to the slow play thread but I always play better when we are moving along at a brisk pace. Analyze the shot, pick your club, hit it. Not much time to think about anything but simple swing thoughts. Same goes for putting as well.

I truly believe playing faster would help most average golfers play better.

(From the movie Tin Cup)
"There are two basic thoughts on the golf swing... The first is... (long and poetic description snipped)"

"And the 2nd?"

"Grip it and rip it!"