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How can you shoot 79 one week and 89 the next?


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Aug 27, 2004
Today was just perfect weather...another perfectly cloudless day...we teed off at 10 am and it was about 70 and when we finished it was 75.

We walked and carried. I still have this fecking, effing, fecking cold.

I could not get anything going....double bogeys galore...and on the backside which is hillier than the front -I just ran out of gas...I feel like I cannot get enough air in me. I don't want to ride in the damn cart but I guess I will have to.

But I did save the best for last. Our 18th played about 440 today...the approach is downhill though. I hit a really good drive that put me 190 to a back, tight pin and hit a good five iron to about 12 feet...missed the putt but I am always happy to par this one when the pin is tucked back there.

What a crazy game - I am convinced that my inconsistency will never allow me to be really good.

Still love it though...


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Having a cold takes more outta ya than you think. You really need a week of 100% before you can start back into the game properly.

You'll get back into shape. Your body will "remember". :)


You're right and that is what is torturing me...I want to hit the gym and get my wind back and my muscle tone...We have a simple treadmill here at the house and some 8 pound free weights and I tried to get above a brisk walk on Wednesday and was flagging. At the gym I usually do about 20 minutes on stairmaster on 7 without a hitch...


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Aug 27, 2004
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What do you mean by Comp day? We play in our various groups with our wagers and post all scores...

Our first tournament of the year will be in April 9...not sure what you are asking.

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Oct 24, 2004
Oh I forgot are guys have a complete differeent system we have a set comp on a set day with a time sheet you can't play and put in cards when you want they set a date and you have to play on it. We have a weekly competition on a saturday and in the summer various big junior ones.

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