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How do you guys do it?


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Sounds to me like I would be all over those State courses. I could give a rat's ass about the ambience of the clubhouse, and having somebody carry my clubs from the car to the pro shop borders on the absurd. And I can clean my own clubs, thank you very much.

To me it's all about the course. Are the fairways and greens properly maintained? (I can live with slightly "rugged" tee boxes.) Does the course have a nice variety of holes, with one or two really memorable ones? Does the property put more emphasis on golf, or golf course homes? Do I feel at the end of the round that I've gotten a bargain?

Sounds to me like the Alabama State courses fit all those criteria.

They do....as long as you confirm that the course has been renovated in the past five years. The State courses are all located in State Parks (which like the Trail are scattered about). The State had underfunded the Parks and their facilities (including camping, cabins etc) had gone shabby. Then about five years ago, they floated a bond issue to redo all of the facilities across the state. So the courses are being redone one by one...

The other factor that makes Oak Mountain State Park Golf Course such a bargain is that you do not have to endure a slow round...the quality of player is pretty darn good, with most having a pretty decent game and keeping up the pace well. I played it twice after its renovation and had a blast both times....much of this was sentimentality because this is where we played golf after college graduation in the late 70's. There was little quality public golf around here then and we played at "the Oaf" all the time...

If we ever get a group to come here to play a ST event, this will be a course we play. We will also play one Trail course so that everyone will see the difference...


South Bend, IN
Jan 4, 2007
Greens fees

Let's see...I get out twice a week (mostly due to time constraints)...there are several courses around here, the most expensive might be $60 or so a round, I play two on a regular basis.

Last night I played here: South Bend Parks and Recreation Department at our local muni 5 minutes from home...average course, well kept, esp. for a muni...$7 after 7PM all you can play....I fit in 13 holes and still had a half hour of daylight. Walking it is never more expensive than $19 at a peak time on a weekend....Usually I end up playing in the afternoon or evening and shell out $7 or $11 after 3PM.

Or I play here NDGC - Schedule & Fees again pricing is similar...I am 'general public' and it is never worse than $19 at peak times.

Two thing smake golf cheaper...walk the course, and play in off-peak times, especially evenings. I know golf is cheap around here, too.


Retired and loving it
Supporting Member
Jul 2, 2006
Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Our local "shoppers paper" has coupons for all the courses in my area of Wisconsin with some great deals. Also, at the two courses here in the town I live, the membership for the year is CHEAP. One is around $800/yr and the other $700/yr which includes cart. Cheaper if you walk, although it's very hilly and the tees are far apart on one of the courses so you'd better be in shape. Anytime you want to go, you make a tee time, and just go. :)


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
One fine muni...

I know that St. Andrews is technically a muni....but what we will typically find on this side of the pond from a muni standpoint can range from horrible to above average...I've played plenty of muni golf in my time - much of it when I lived in San Antonio...

Look at this muni owned by the City of Pelham Alabama...

Ballantrae Golf Club: About Ballantrae

Ballantrae Golf Club: Membership Information

Admittedly not as cheap as some others but nonetheless a hell of a bargain...they have a great staff that greets you as soon as you open your car door...the practice tee is flawless and the layout is beautiful...

Ballantrae Golf Club: Photo Gallery

I live 22 miles away from this place. If I lived in that part of town, this would be my joint.


The Plaid Duffer
Staff member
Oct 19, 2006
Sanford, NC
United States United States
Simple, my wife and I make enough money to play golf whenever we can around our jobs and 4 children. Nothing snobbish about the statement, and we're not rich. We've got a family membership at a local muni where we go frequently for a late 9, 18 if time permits, after work on days we don't have the kids. Every other weekend our kids are with their respective other parents (2nd marriage), so we can play the muni or travel and play. She's only been playing since November and she's already played Pinehurst #6, Thistle near Myrtle Beach, and 4 other area courses including 1 more in Pinehurst. We watch for cheap rates and try not to pay more than $60 each per 18...so far we've been successful.

Golf is not a cheap sport, but it also doesn't have to be expensive to enjoy and play nice courses.

Bama Duffer

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2005
What are you trying to do, Bravo?

First you try to entice folks in the post on retirement. Now you plug Alabama's public courses.

Man, we'll be swimming in Yankees and foreigners by the time you're through. :)

Back to the original post--Once while I was in college I thought about becoming a decent golfer, but went to law school instead. TWenty-lus years later, I can afford the monetary costs pretty well, but don't have the time to play more than about a round a week.

To cut the costs, I have an annual pass on the RTJ trail, which lets me play any RTJ course in the state (except Ross Bridge, I think), by paying only the cart fee. If I walk, I don't pay anything extra. I also belong to a pretty cheap local course that charges $320.00 USD/year to play. It's not that difficult and I can usually play a round quickly.

Look around. You can probably find something in your price range.


dont tread on me
Dec 8, 2005
WOW...so you spend more than 10% of your annual income on golf???
Probably. It's not what you make it's how you spend it :) reading most the posts here it seems like finding the time is the problem for most people. Work less- golf more!!

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