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How Many Bags Do You Have?


Well-Known Member
Sep 19, 2008
Sarnia, ON
Canada Canada
I have four;

One is my game bag, an Ogio Grom, carries all my tools as mentioned in another post really well on a cart, my push cart or carrying. My girlfriend also has one, a Ping lite stand bag that she can carry easily or uses her push cart.

I also have two extras in the basement that hold our extra clubs and other golf stuff I've collected over the years. I have a Callaway tour bag that's like a little golf locker. With clubs, balls, tees, spikes and way more!! The fourth in a Ping hoofer I was given as a gift, I use it on occasion, but right now there is a couple putters in it I put on "time out!"


"Playing it straight"
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
Two. A cart bag and a stand bag.

Even though I only have two I do consider myself a bag ho. Painstakingly researching which is the best bag for my needs before buying it.

Oh yes, I have two travel covers also.

Edit: as above as follows.

1. Ogio Silencer cart bag (love it)
2. Nike stand bag (to be sold eventually & replaced by an Ogio Silencer stand bag)

3. Nike soft wheeled travel cover (kept for SWMBO's use)
4. Golf Guard wheeled hard travel cover (now for sale due to purchase of No. 5)

5. SunMountain Club Glider Meridian travel cover.
ImageUploadedByShot Talk1449991799.825068.jpg


Well-Known Member
Sep 16, 2011
Hancock, Wisconsin
United States United States
I have a TaylorMade stand bag, an old ogio cart bag for miscellaneous, my old Nike staff bag, my cleveland staff bag from this past year, my new Titleist cart bag for this year. I sold a brand bew Srixion staff, and new Cleveland staff.
So, no , you can't have to many bags.

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