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How much did you spend on equipment?


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I'm not a very good shopper but it could be worse. The total of what's currently in there is around $1600.00 but I haven't bought anything in months so I got that going for me.


Dang Fool
Aug 24, 2005
All of this is in Australian dollars, which is like Monopoly money without the purchasing power.

Adams GT410 with NV75s $190
TM 200 Steel Stock Steel $150
Ping i3 irons 2-S $850
Tommy Armour Gap Wedge $40
Callaway 56* wedge $180
Ram FX 60* $50
Wilson Harmonised putter $70

Plus all the shite that I bought trying to find the right stuff.

Bought the irons, sand wedge and 2 wood before I found out the joys of ebay. Still have buyers remorse on the i3's - I just know I should've got ISI's.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Let's see... $347,000 this year. Of course I sell it as fast as I buy it :D


Talks a good game
Oct 3, 2005
Mizuno Pro II's £350
Cobra SS370 £250
Callaway War Bird £70
Ping B60 £60
Fazer 64 deg' wedge £25
Ram trolley bag £90 ish?
Maxfli carry bag £70
Maxfli A10 gloves £30
plus whatever reasonable quality balls are on offer at the time of purchase.

That totals £945 which is roughly $1700.

Biggest regret is trading in my Mizuno TP 9's. I should have kept them for a reserve set. Biggest cost must be buying at least one new driver a season for about 10 years until I found one I liked.


Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2005
Here we go.

Titleist 905T- $400
Callaway Steelhead 3 Wood- $75
Titleist Hybrid- $160
Titleist Vokey Wedges- $200
Mizuno MX-23 3-PW- $700
Odyssey 2-Ball Putter- $120
Mizuno Tour Staff Bag- $250

Total - $1905 + Taz

FYI: I have been told I have a 10 cent swing, so does that make it $1905.10?


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
VtDivot said:
Launcher 400 Blue - 115
Mizuno MP-001 NV - 128
Mac 1025M 3-PW - 265
Cleveland 588 51* - 45
Cleveland 588 56* - 99
Cleveland 588 60* - 45
SC Newport Mil-Spec 123

820 total. Not a bad bag for 800 bucks.

Damn straight...you are a tough shopper...


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
obagain said:
Let's see... $347,000 this year. Of course I sell it as fast as I buy it :D

You and Neal are probably neck and neck....except he still has all his shit in his bedroom or basement...:D


Adam Pettman

Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2005
My clubs should of cost a fair amount

Adams redline driver
Adams a2 idea irons 4-PW
Dunlop LW and SW
odysee putter
Adams Tight Lies 4 and 9 wood
Adams air assult

These lot would of set me back a bit lucky for me my uncle custom makes clubs so they cost me a grand total of £0:sc:


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2005
* Taylor Made R7 with 757 Speeder - £219 (just bought tonight !!!)
* Cleveland Launcher 400cc - £189 (one month old)
* Callaway Steelhead-Plus 3-wood (Graphaloy Prolite, second-hand) £130
* Mizuno 7-wood bent to 18 degrees & fitted with Graphaloy Blue 'S' driver shaft cut to aquired length £89
* Taylor Made 300 series irons with 6.0 Rifle Flighted shafts - "as new" condition - £345
* Taylor Made Rac Black wedge in 52 degrees - £55
* Cleveland 900 tour action gun metal wedge - free Rifle 'Spinner' shaft - £14
* Taylor Made R7 Carry Bag - £75


Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2005
Titleist 690 MB irons 3-PW

I bought them for $999 when they were just out and "limited" a few years ago. I'm glad that I asked if they had any...they weren't on display.

Ping G2 (new this season)

I paid $170 with a trade in of a Titleist 983K with Aldila Green NV shaft.

Titleist 904F 3 and 5 woods (new this season)

I traded in 975F woods. It seems like they were still $700 or so...not sure, but it was by far the most I spent on equipment this season.

Titleist spin milled Vokeys (new this season)

I bought 56 and 60 degree spin milled Vokeys early this season. One was apparently lost or stolen late in the season. I traded both in for the same new clubs other than a different (lower) bounce with the 60. For all four, the total price was about $400. I like new wedges hehe.

Odyssey Tri Hot #2 putter

$250 when bought about 4 years ago. Oldest club in the bag...great putter.

Ogio stand bag

Used it for three seasons and still going strong...looks like new still and the new models don't seem to be better.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
ummmmmmmmm....... sorry.... I just don't buy it.

700 for 2 fairway woods? AFTER a trade in?

Either you are the biggest target I've ever met, or you're full of shit.


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
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Still having some fun with it. After altering my bag setup, my current clubs cost me $420

But, even if i put my most expensive stuff together, i make out OK:

Nakashima NP-1 10*-$105
Rescue Mid TP-$75
Rescue Mids-$100
Titleist 690cb-$250
52, 56, 60 SE wedges-$60
Scotty Cameron Mid Sur-$90
Mizuno Staff Bag- $65


Here's the Kicker, if i put all my ultra good deals together(not using any crap clubs), i make out with a great bag wicked cheap

SMT Spectrum-$45
Adams Redline Tour Spec 3 wd-$30
Titleist DCI 990-$125
Cobra Phil Rodgers Wedges-$20
Odyssey White Hot #8-$15
Titleist X46 Stand Bag-$25

I'd say that's just about the best bag you can buy for $260!

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