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How much did you spend on equipment?

Tiger Who?

Well-Known Member
Oct 30, 2005
My expensive clubs, more than I need:

Driver: Taylormade R7 HT = $250
3 Wood: Ping G5 = $220
5 Wood: Taylormade R7 FW= $400
Hybrid: Taylormade Rescue Mid = $160
3-PW: Taylormade RAC OS = $600
SW: Cleveland CG10 56' = $110
LW: Titleist Vokey 60' = $110
Putter: Scotty Cameron Mil Spec + refinishing/Taylormade Monza Corza/ Odyssey White Steel/Odyssey 2-ball = $600

All Together: $2450

Way too much on clubs....way too much.


Mod of the jibba-jabba
Apr 15, 2005

Driver- 130
7 wood- 100
5i-9i- 600
LW,AW- 120
Putter- 90 1330

1420 total

the hummer

Nov 9, 2005
Over the years, I've always been looking for clubs that will improve my bag. However, sometimes what you think and feel will work doesn't necessary turn out that way (trust me, the spare clubs in my garage speak volumes). That's why there are a few older clubs in my bag that will remain in my bag until the right one comes along.

The following is what's current, and when the club was put into the bag for play. Currently, I have $1,800.00 CDN in the bag (including the bag):

Driver: Cleveland Launcher 460 w/ Grafalloy Blue = $250 (2005)
3 W: Taylormade Supersteel Burner w/Grafalloy ProLite 35 = $200 (2000)
5 W: Taylormade Supersteel Burner w/Aldila Tour Gold 65 = $100 (2001)
Irons: Ben Hogan Apex Plus 3-PW = $600 (2000)
GW: Cleveland Tour Action 588 Gunmetal =$75 (2005)
SW: Cleveland Tour Action 588 Gunmetal =$75 (2005)
LW: Cleveland Tour Action 588 Gunmetal =$75 (2005)
Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless 2.5 = $300 (2003)
Bag: Ogio Vaporlite Stand Bag = $125 (2005)

Currently, I have a 15* Cleveland Launcher Titanium 3 Wood that is being worked on to replace, and possibly retire my 15* Taylormade Supersteel Burner. I hate the thought of replacing it as it has been a very consistent club for me over the years. I haven't decided on the shaft yet, but I'm leaning towards the Grafalloy ProLite 35. If anyone has any suggestions to a Cleveland Launcher Titanium 3 Wood/shaft combination...feel free to comment. If I like the 3 Wood/shaft combo, I will be looking for the same combo in my 5 Wood.

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