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How Not to Be a Parent ( Golf Course Edition )


Like my balls?
Jul 23, 2008
I have recently enjoyed several evenings with my kids playing golf. My eldest is 8 and his brother is 6. We play 4 holes at our 2nd course. Holes 1,2,16 and 18. It usually takes an hour and we go out later in the evening when it is quiet. Playing any more than 4 holes and they lose interest and it takes too long.

I can see them both becoming great golfers. My 8 year old can easily reach 350 yard holes now in 3, providing he makes decent contact. The 6 year old only its it about 75 yards, but he NEVER misses. He also has developed a decent short game. Both of them have now scored a few pars over the Summer.

Well, your 8 year old outdrives my 8 year old. We're signed up for a series of parent-child clinics at the local muni next month, and that will be lots of fun.