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Hybrid Decisions....


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Aug 2, 2005
I recently picked up a Baffler DWS 08 Model with the VS Proto shaft. It's a 20 degree hybrid and when hit well, good for 220 yard or a so. Really a nice club. I still however think that I'd like the look of the Baffler Pro better, and am CONSTANTLY thinking about the shaft. I know a lot of people play steel shafts in hybrids nowadays, and love them. Do you think getting a couple FST Pro White shafts(same ones I have in my irons) and throwing them in the bafflers would be a bad idea? Are other steel shafts that would be much better?

I have my iron's cut down a half inch under standard, and would most likely follow the same lengths as my irons.

Any ideas or suggestions?

My final plan is to have a 2,3,and 4 set of hybrids, either baffler DWS or Pro, is the Pro harder to hit than the DWS? I hit the DWS well enough that I don't think it would be too big of a problem...

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
I love the Nippon NS950 Pro in my Baffler, and is what makes the club IMO. So it would seem like a logical choice to go demo one of the Bafflers that has that shaft to see how it compares. I doubt I would ever go to a different shaft in a Hybrid.


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Mar 30, 2008
I play steel shafts in everything except the driver, since I prefer a heavier shaft and steel shafts are known for consistency. The baffler hybrid i had, was the DWS w/ Nippon NS pro 950 shafts. It could have been my swing but i hooked those things and i lost all my confidence in them and went to a 7 wood and haven't looked back. If memory serves me correct the Baffler Pro has no offset and more of a flat face instead of the face onset (negative bounce) of the DWS, which does promote a hook. So it's really based on your swing, and your miss. If you hook, go with Pro, if you slice stick with DWS.

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