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I found someone to hate in replace of Johny Miller....


Rules Nerd
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Mar 9, 2005

As I said in that thread, I sent it off to the USGA also. Here's their reply thus far. It's starting to sound like their may be a "decision" based on my complaint. That'd be awesome.

Dear Mr. O'Meara,

In reply to your email, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The matter will be reviewed shortly and a response will be forthcoming at that time.

Thank you for your interest in the Rules of Golf, which along with Frequently Asked Questions on the Rules of Golf can be found on the USGA's website at http://www.usga.org/rules.


Bernie Loehr
Rules of Golf Associate

Hopefully I'll get something back shortly. Hopefully they will rule it the way I see it. Then I'll take it up again with the PGA with that USGA info in hand.

How these things usually work is Bernie there, an "associate", gets to read ALL the emails sent in about rules. Then he forwards them to an actual Rules of Golf official who takes a look at it and can usually answer the question and then that guy replies back to you via email. At that point, you can start a dialogue and represent your "side" without having to go through all the red tape and the waiting process.

I have all my arguements all ready in case they come back with a decision made hell-nell and not totally backed up by actual rules to my satisfaction.

Previously, I wanted an amendment to Rule 18-4, and I wanted clarity on the non-conformity of the R7. From their answer it didn't seem like they are going to amend Rule 18-4. So, I have found a pretty deep cheating loop-hole. It's terrible. I would never do it, but if it happens TO YOU there is jack shit you can do about it. It's only happened to me twice, which is just f'in great.

And yes, I do read all the rules, and take all their rules quizzes at the website just for fun. I am always trying to make the game of golf more fair for everyone. It's a hard game, that is a fact. So, if I can find a rule or two to help out, it's worth the time spent reading and studying. Plus others that play with me, know that they are going to get the correct ruling just by asking me, which speeds up play. I'd say I know the most "applicable" rules about 95%. Once you start asking about 4-ball, foursomes, or flagstick widths, I could care less. I just study the things that could "possibly" affect my (or anyone in my group's) score during the course of a round.

This is why the deal with Vijay got me so upset. I have nothing against Vijay, I love the guy. But when I saw those extra cuts in the sand, I almost died, as the way I see it, he is in violation of 13-4a "any like hazard". That's the way I've always played it. So, I NEED clarification from the USGA to make sure that I instruct someone on the course of play correctly if it ever comes up again.

I'm just waiting for clarification.

If anyone would like to see the email about Rule 18-4 I sent and their reply, I'd be happy to post it. Those bastards always give you the "it's a gentleman's game" or "the spirit of the game" crap to cover their asses so they don't have to add too much to the new rulebook. It saves them on reprint costs. Asses.


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Aug 30, 2004
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Well, I'm glad someone that lives in the land of the free got a response. Shitty one at that, but at least a response.

I'm not pissed at "Bernie Loehr", as I know he's probably some schlep that answers the e-mails and forwards them to the appropriate groups, as you mentioned. However, i am disgusted with the method at which things were done. Basically cleaning me off the plate into the garbage because I live outside the US. Kinda like the bone on a T-bone steak.....it's always hits the garbage can.

Jackasses. I hope something comes of Bravo's e-mail. I'm gonna snap.

(Ultimately, I don't care that much, but how often does a guy get to snap? ;) )


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