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I need you help

Jonny P

Well-Known Member
Aug 19, 2007
I am in need of your help; I am in the process of developing a trivia based Golf game. The game is all but finished however it’s missing one key element for a trivia based game --------- the questions. I need to compile 2500 questions with preferably the answers. The count to date is 90 can you help. The questions can be about anyone and anything connected to Golf, I would however ask you to not infringe any copyrights and ensure all answers are correct. This request will be updated every week with the current total. The questions can relate to any of the tours (European/ USPGA / LPGA) both professional / amateur, past and present. It can also relate to films or books if required. An example of what I would call a good trivia question is. What colour tee peg does Colin Montgomerie always use, the answer is White.
I look forward to reading your questions.


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
Seeing as how you are a first poster, welcome.

I would create some incentive to help you collect such a massive amount of information. It is possible, using all the players and all the tournaments there have ever been, but to get people to help...


Sep 2, 2006
What course does Tiger Woods have a membership to?


What is the lowest round carded in a major?


Who was the first to card a 59 in any tournament on the PGA Tour?

Al Geiberger