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I think it's time for lessons...

Johnny Par

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Sep 5, 2006
I celebrated my 30th birthday today by playing 18 holes with my dad and cousin. After the 4th hole, I wanted to break all my clubs. I was tyring to enjoy the game but it's hard to when all your shots are being s****ed.

I have days when I hit balls at the range real well then go out onto the course and can't even hit it straight. Actually, my biggest problem today was hitting shots way to fat. My clubhead was digging up grass and dirt before I actually hit the ball. bleh. :(

These days, it sems like I am changing way too many things to try and find something that works. It'll work for a couple of days then back to square one.

When I first started, about 3 months ago, I took the ESPN Golf School Beginners Tour, great full day lesson but I feel like I need to continue.

My local range has instructors so I am going to give them a call.
Initially, with the winter here and golf time limited, I wasn't sure if I should get lessons now, rather wait until march and start fresh. But this is getting too frustrating, I need some good instruction.

Lastly, Do you guys think Mizuno MX 23's are too advanced for a beginner? I feel like I am too inconsistent with them. Or is it just me?


Golf Course Designer
Aug 9, 2006
HEY! dont EVER say the S word out loud on a golf forum!!!!

:p badddddd mojo man

I think you should edit that out, or at least sensor it;)


Golf Course Designer
Aug 9, 2006
Good man.

Instruction at the local range is a great idea, part of that is if ur there a lot and they know you its just simpler and such. One big thing you have to stay away from is trying new things a lot. Get a new idea/swing thought, and STICK to it, like a fat man to cake. You get worst when you keep fiddling with different swing ideas.


She lives!
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Jul 3, 2006
I've yet to see one person who can't benefit from instruction from the right instructor for them.

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