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If you do not currently own a hybrid...


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Get one....

I posted awhile back about looking for a club as a replacement for my 3 iron and I got the TM RM 22.

I posted somewhere that I would use it twice a round.

So completely dead wrong.

The name Rescue Mid is so appropriate it is not funny.

I am using this pup all over the place..

Tee shots from about 200, steep uphill approaches from the fairway.

And coming out of trouble.

Today I was in the right rough on a tight, bumpy lie. Ball kind of in a tiny rut. Very thin, dormant grass. I am 180 uphill to the hole...my thought is that I will have a hard time getting the club on the ball effectively. Nope. Took a normal swing and Hit the crap out of it...pulled it a bit on the left fringe area - but a easy, firm blow to the ball that gave me good elevation and carry from a crappy lie. To hit this shot with a 3 iron would have been a miracle for me.

3-4 holes later I have blocked my drive into the woods on a par 5....ideally I need to hit that nice fading punch out onto the fairway...took a nice easy swing with open stance hoping to advance it about 70 yards....boom....nice long fade - about 100 yard shot.

This is one of the greatest equipment inventions of the past 20 years. You can work the ball with this dude, either direction....knock it down or let out the shaft and go for it....

My next deal is to learn the bump and run around the green.

Try it out...I am a believer...


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
i tries a Snake Eyes Quickstrike.....wanted to love it....hated it. Sold it and said 'no more hybrids'

Bought a TM Rescue 22 and 19 for 50 bucks each(from different sellers, with matching TX90 stiff shafts) thinking i could sell them again if i didnt like them for what i paid. They're not going anywhere. These suckas are the shiznat. Word. Neal


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I'd like to give one of those new Cleveland hybrids a try. They look saw-wheet!

(Unless i find out it's "forged by Cleveland", then i won't just to spite 'Gun.... ;) )

Tried the TM last summer, just couldn't get it to work. The SHIII 7 wood works for me.....



Titleist and Cleveland
Feb 23, 2005
Am I the only one who can't hit these things solid. I can hit a 1 iron blade but I hit the hybrid's high on the club face and weak.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
JasonMacIsaac said:
Am I the only one who can't hit these things solid. I can hit a 1 iron blade but I hit the hybrid's high on the club face and weak.

sounds like it's just you!


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
I was out again yesterday with the Sonartec MD. This is now officially my "go to" club. It's about the same as a 2i or a 5w. I can shape the ball both ways and get it from 180 up to about 220ish. You still have to "hit the shot Rossi" but it feels like butter when you get it. And fyiw it's a lot easier to hit than a 2i and a lot more versatile from several types of lie. This is a great scoring club and I agree with Bravo, one that all golfers should try.

Additionally I spent 45 minutes practicing chipping with it yesterday from the fringe and am now starting to get it dialled in. It's a lot more successful than a PW or a 7i (for me anyway).

My dilemma now is "What gives?". For the first time in my life I now have 4 woods, I've taken out the 3&4 irons and now carry Driver, 14 degree, 19 degree hybrid and a 7 wood 21 degree. (Yes, that's 4 woods, Maam!!!). I now also have 4 wedges (PW, GW, SW and LW).

My logic is how many times do you miss a 3 or a 4 iron during a round, right? Anyway, I'm happy to trade my image of an ex playa to a one that looks like a hacker but spends a lot of time counting the money at the end of the round. Don't fight technology gentlemen, embrace it.


Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2005
Im using a Titleist 503H 19 degree, well happy with it. Im looking at 210-230 off the tee depending how I strike it. (expecting to see 230+ in the summer easy) Easy to work in both directions, and it goes incredibly well out of the rough and off tight lies.

It's not the easiest hybrid on the market to hit but I recommend and mid-low handicappers give it a try.

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