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IG - What was your score??


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
OK - go ahead and tell us what you shot.

Your index is fiveish? We all know you are a very legitimate, experienced playa.

What did you record on this Yale track?

And I am not being arrogant - I have played some tough courses that just whipped my ass and I admit it...


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004

No humiliation here on my part. We played the Blue Tees at 6749 yards and a par 70. The rating / slope is 72.9 and 132, so fairly tough alright.

The greens were sanded and hollowtined, so not many putts were holed by any of us and you need the putts to drop for any sort of score.

I was out in 41, +7. That was (ONLY) 2 pars and 7 bogies. I didn't hit that many really bad shots, just didn't hole any putts and I found a lot of sand and those bunkers were bitchin'. Major elevation required to extract the ball.

I then came back in 41, +5, which included 2 double bogies, the second of which was a bit generous, as I lost my second shot at the last. We were that exhausted we didn't spend much time looking for it. So I threw a ball down and just played it +2.

A lot of the holes you need to know where to go off the tee and the greens. So many elevated greens and blind shots.

I get another go at it on Saturday, so I hope to score a bit better, although I would be delighted to break 80. Ima gonna get me a Bulldogs hat this time round.


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Aug 27, 2004
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Good shooting. Those are very tough conditions. I had a similar round last weekend - where I shot a +12 also. Our greens are in the identical condition having recently been punched and sanded. I can honestly say I made not a putt over 4 feet in length.

Also, when you are playing a course such as Yale where there are many blind shots, knowing the course is critical. And you had cooler weather which makes it harder to get distance on your shots.

You will play it better next time. Hope you have a good visit there.

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