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iGolf GPS


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Jul 9, 2009
I honestly did not mean to offend with my comments about points around the green. Sorry if it came off that way.

I was really just making the point that different users have different needs and wants. For me the availability of four mappable points for each hole is quite enough.

Even with the GPS in hand, any experienced golfer will do their own strategizing and calculating on the fly. The GPS is just a tool to make that easier and in most cases more accurate.

And again, my experience with their customer support has been consistently stellar.

As for their business model, I guess you just have to take it or leave it. If it doesn't suit you then it's your choice to move elsewhere, which I believe you already have. I've been happy with the company, the service and the product. They've supported this customer much better than many companies I've dealt with in the past. They've done so through chat, email and on the phone when my only initial contact was via the chat. I've not had any other company that I deal with follow-up on their own initiative not only once but multiple times as they did for me.

Different customers, different experiences. Mine has been all good!

Pa Jayhawk

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Nov 15, 2005
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And glad you have had a good experience. While I am unhappy with their support, I have always liked the nature of the product. My posts about them are not even a method of bearing a grudge on the company. More a matter of while I have praised the nature of the product, in doing so I feel I need to also post about the portions I cannot praise. Hopefully doing so in a nature to more inform as opposed to simply try to sway.

As in the same nature, it is good that you post your experiences so the people on here can weigh their options. Hope it didn't come off as your experience was not welcome. While I am fairly critical of their support it is not to say I would never buy their product again. Was actually fairly excited to see their affiliation with Bushnell, because I also own a Bushnell range finder for which I am happy with and still use quite a bit when I travel. Seeing the ramifications of what they may do with possibly combining the two seems like only a matter of time.

Although as of recent, I picked up a uPro as a result of mail in rebates and gift cards to save over $240 in all on the product. Not sure I would have paid the sticker otherwise, while I am not sure there are better options around, there are certainly more affordable options around.

Hope you continue your stay around here, as is the nature of the forum, they attract people with varying opinions and experiences. Some more critical and opinionated than others. I actually think many times I try to provoke people that offer detailed opinions, in the sense that they will stick around. :)

Always happy to see more in depth opinions, even if they are contrary to my experience. Welcome aboard

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