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I'm down to one wedge, one driver, and one putter


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Mar 20, 2005
Anyone else in this happy position?

no choices for me, just one bag


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Mar 20, 2005
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I mean one CHOICE of wedge, I also have 52 and

NO BACK-UPS, thats the new game. No choosing drivers, wedges, putters, only one selection allowed

not many in here can say that

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Until they find a legal "Hand Wedge", there is no way I would ever go down to one wedge. :D

As far as Drivers or Putters, I can't imagine I would want the confusion of trying to decide between multiple. I have never been one to ever even consider replacing my putter, and I am pretty happy with my driver right now as well. Have made no changes to my bag this year for that matter, outside of replacing my 52* with the same wedge due to a bent shaft, and see none in the future. I may consider bending the 52* back to 51* like I did with my old one at the end of last year, just to even the gap, but still not certain.


now...a cartoon
Sep 27, 2008
i'm finding that when sunday morning rolls around, i adjust my weapons of grass destruction to the type of course i'm playing and to the weather conditions. for instance, yesterday, short course, super fast greens. left the driver at home, and used a 60 degree for chipping.

could be soaked next week, where you'll get no roll in the fairways and the greens are soft. again, i'll adjust to that.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
i adjust my weapons of grass destruction

I love that, had me literally laughing out loud

I choose my driver due to the wind, 9.5º HiBore XL on windy days to keep the ball down, 10.5º FT-5 on other days.

And I have to keep at least 2 putters around just to keep them in line, fear of being replaced if they act up.

Wedges, I've played the same 3 forever.


No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
I have one driver - until I feel the need to try another (hello Mr. Warbird???)

I have 27 putters to choose from. It's FUN! (And isn't fun what it's all about?)

Wedges. I keep coming back to my Srixons (52º and 56º) and I think I'm done straying from them.


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Aug 6, 2008
Just went back to my Titleist driver as my back has been bothering me and I don't feel like I have to hit it as hard as the FT-i. Four wedges always in the bag. Back and forth between the Scotty and Two ball as after putting really well with the Scotty for 3-4 weeks I somehow lost confidence again and can't make a four footer. Putting sucks.



Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
I've also only got what's in my bag. I do have an extra putter and have been using it lately. Teardrop rollface. It seems to be dropping anything and everything inside of 4ft. and that's about all I can ask for.

My driver is cracked on a weight port so unsellable, otherwise I'd have tried something else by now. To be honest I'm keeping my bag only because nothing in there is worth $hit to sell.
Scotty is long gone. A $200+ resale value putter is literally one 35putt round away from Ebay in my bag.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
My wedges and irons are never leaving. Even if I quit the game I'm probably keeping them. My hybrids are also one test away from being solid in the bag. Driver and 3W and putter can blow me.

With wind assisting a bit, I measured a 18.5 hybrid shot to exactly 250 using skycaddie. Swinging the driver like dirt, I get 260 if I'm lucky. So seriously. BLOW ME, DRIVER.


It's in the hole-ASSCLOWN
Mar 30, 2008
Here, my mid-season recap.
-New wedges get here on wednesday.
-Just got the 7 wood in the bag, hitting it very well, no more hybrids for me.
-Driver is about as solid as they come though, I've been averaging 270 all summer long, drove the green on a 310 yard par 4 the other day. Hit a monster drive yesterday, 341 yard uphill (at least 60 yards) par 4, and landed it on the top of the slope 40 yard from the pin.
-Pinnacle Gold FX long are easily the longest balls i've ever hit.


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
I own your face.

2 Drivers, 1 Putter, 4 Wedges in the bag. Shazam.

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