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I'm impressed......


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
Really, I have to say it.


The writing that goes on there in the blog is really superb! They have very well done reviews and opinion pieces, the very latest one is about rule 14-3b;

Except as provided in the Rules, during a stipulated round the player must not use any artificial device or unusual equipment… for the purpose of gauging or measuring distance or conditions that might affect his play…

I could not agree more Erik!

The forums are pretty dry but do have a look at the blog.


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
I just read the Michelle Wie thign and I couldn't agree more. If i was some guy working my ass off just to get into events only to be left out because teh last spot was taken by some kid you didn't even qualify, I'd be right upset I would. She doesnt belong out there untill she can win something, as an ametuer, or at least qualify.

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