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Improve Your Putting.


Golf is where it's at!
Aug 27, 2005
Ah those elusive short putts!

Here are some fun tips to keep in mind when you need to work on your putting.

A fun little way to practice your putts is to sink 5 putts from a foot away
and then 5 from two feet, then three feet, four and so on. If you miss any
shot you get to start over!

Another fun way to practise your putts is to try putting at a quarter. Put a
quarter anywhere on the green and try putting to it. This improves your focus
and when you get back to putting to the pin you'll be amazed how much better you are.

Here's another easy but effective drill. Put a dime behind the ball and then putt
while keeping your eyes on the dime through the stroke. Don't follow the ball just
keep your eyes on the ball!

Another great tip is when you're putting downhill. Try putting the ball with the
toe of the putter, not the sweet spot. It tends to deaden your shot!

And last... remember to keep a written record of your putts when you're out on the
course. A written record of your putts' ups and downs will give you a graphical
perspective needed to efficiently work on those areas of your game that are
lacking such as putting!

Hope this helps your putting.

Yours for enhanced performance,

Patrick Forbes

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El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
How many times do we have to read this? I swear, this was posted verbatim somewhere on the site within the last week.

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