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iPhone GPS App Reviews


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May 17, 2009
I'm sure I'll get throttled again for not doing a search (I did BTW). But I didnt not find a single thread that contained "All" of the iPhone GPS apps out there and reviews of them. I did find a lot of individual threads regarding different apps. So I thought one place to review them all would be helpful.
ViewTi Golf

Cliff Notes:

ViewTi Golf ---- 4 out of 5 stars I would recommend

Full Review ViewTi Golf:

I would like to start off by stating that there are a variety of "versions" of this application, and for the life of me I can not tell the difference between them. I have purchased the 24.99 Dollar version (Which Is titled “ViewTi Golf”) I have also downloaded the free version and they seem to be the same thing.
When you first start the program, it uses the GPS to find Near by Golf Courses, you can select one from the list or try typing one in if the course you are looking for is not there.
Once you have selected a course the next screen has a few different pieces of information:

Start Round
Address (which you can “tap” on to enter the “map” application and get directions) which is a very nice feature
Phone number
Course Info: 18 holes, 6200 yards, par 72…
View Scorecard
Save Course to phone: I assume this is incase you are playing in a location where “phone” service is not available (The GPS will continue to work)

Once you have started a round if you have the map view turned on you will see an Arial view of the green (From google maps) as well as a yellow line. This can be confusing but it denotes a straight line from your current location to the center of the green (it does not account for dog legs…)
At the bottom of the screen you have the option to enter a few category’s
S= Stroke or Shots for the total number of strokes for the hole
F= Fairway (O for “On”, X for “missed)
G= Greens in Regulation (Again O for “On” And “X” For missed
P= Putts

One thought here is that they should have the “Stroke” or “Score” option at the end of that list rather then at the front (Just seems more natural in that order).
A key feature that really makes this too very use full is the ability to set a “Marker” anywhere on the course that you would like, and the program will then give you the distance to that point. For example if you want to know how fart to carry a bunker you can set a marker to give you that information.

I compared this program to my friends “SkyCaddy” and found that they were within 2 Yards of each other constantly.
1) They claim to update any course within 48 hours of a request. I have requested a course and currently it has been approximately 96 hours with out a response….

2) At times the “score card” feature seems to “jump” around

3) It would be nice to integrate a club selector (IE a program that can mark how far you hit each club, and offer suggestions based on your distance to the hole)

4) Unclear Pricing and difference between versions, currently I feel a bit ripped off because I am not sure what the difference between the free, 1.99, 24.99 and 34.99 versions are. If it is just the “four person” score card option, then I am very disappointed because I don’t ever use that feature.

5) A graphic vs. google map picture would be a nice feature as well, but with the time involved I can understand why this isn’t included (although for 24/34 bucks it would be a nice “benefit”

Over all it is a good product well worth the 24 or 34 dollar prices, an incredible value at 1.99 and definitely worth the time to download the “free” version. I would recomend this product, to the board, and to a friend, for free you cant go wrong, and for 30 bucks your only out 12 golfballs if you dont like it...

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