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Iron or Graphite shaft in next iron set?


Well-Known Member
Jun 10, 2005
Thanks ahead of time for reading this, and sorry if it's too long.

I'm planning on getting a better set of irons sometime this fall. Bought a set of Nike NDS graphite irons last year when I started golfing (started last August). While they're not terrible in my opinion, I'd like a set that I could get a better launch with. My vital stats are that I'm 5'7", 150. All my clubs are in a regular flex as my swing speed isn't that high enough for a stiff flex. I'm pretty consistant with distance and somewhat accurate. I'd say maybe 70% of my hits go the desired length and location, but I'd like to get a little higher launch on my irons and a little added distance wouldn't hurt :).

Average distances w/ good accuracy are
PW - 100
9- 110
8- 120
7- 135
6- 145
5- 155
4- 165
3- 175
Hybrids- 160/180
Driver- 220-240

Like most I'm not that great with my long irons, but I can hit them somewhat respectable. My desired hits with my 3,4 drop from 70% to maybe 40%. I'm playing around a 18 handicap currently and practice my swing in my backyard for about an hour a day, range maybe twice a week. Basically I'm looking for a set of clubs that I can play well, but also have room for growth in case I do lower my handicap to say, 10. I'm somewhat drawn to Taylor Made at the moment, especially since I can get a really good deal on their clubs. I'm currectly looking at the Taylor Made RAC CGB irons. Anyone have any experience with those? The age old question, steel or graphite? And I was reading on a website that said that a True Temper Lite XL is a good shaft for mid handicappers. Would it be worth upgrading the shaft to this from the stock if I do get a steel set? Thanks again for any advice.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
By all means, get steel shafts for your irons. You'll get consistent shots with them.

For the TM, I had a set of TM LCG burner. They were quite nice and forgiving. Don't know about the CGB though.

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