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Is anything more important than confidence?


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Well I'm back from our 2 day tournament and other than a closest to the pin prize I was pretty flat.

It wasn't that I couldn't hit the ball. I made some good shots throughout the 2 days. I just couldn't score. My chipping was off and that's usually a disastor for me as GIRs are not my strong suit.

OK, so here's my point about confidence. We were playing a short par 5 and my drive went off the toe, short right. It didn't seem realistic to go for the green so I decided to play for position. My second ball was right side fairway exactly at the 100 yd marker. As I was approaching my ball I remember thinking, great that's a perfect wedge, (I'm not a long ball hitter like some of you). I approached the ball with complete confidence and swung without tension. I watched as it flew toward the green and right at the flag and then I heard the whack. I wish I could say it went in but I was still very happy with hitting the stick. I made the putt to card my only birdie of the day.

Looking back, I can't help but wonder what my chipping would have been like if I had been feeling the confidence I had on that wedge shot. That's what got me thinking about the importance of confidence. Once you have the basic swing skills, is there anything more important? What do you think?


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
You've hit the nail on the head. The attitude of "This is easy, i can do this" is key to a good golf game.

Your approach to chipping is very common. Sometimes, you lose the feel and then your confidence. Your best bet is to practice two types of chipping. Conservative and scoring.

For example, you can easily bump and roll an 8 iron from 40 feet away to within 6 feet. I mean, it's pretty easy. But, if you're looking for more of an attack on the flag, the 60* lob wedge is the way to go. It has better feel than the choked up 8 iron, but it does magnify errors. Ever stubbed a 60* on a tough downhill chip only to find yourself with an even trickier putt? It's happened to all of us.

Practice the bump and roll and with the lob wedge. If the wedge goes in the tank, stick to your guns. The 8 iron (or 7, whichever you prefer or the situation dictates) is and should be your go to chipping club.

Confidence regulates your game. In ever aspect. Driving, chipping, putting. If you see yourself making the shot, and know you have the skills to do it, more often than not you succeed.

That's why in golf, there's no one's ass to kick but your own. If you don't beleive, it won't happen.


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