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Is My Practice Perfect...?

Straight Away

Active Member
Jul 16, 2013
United States United States
Went to the range last night to hit a few...started out as usual working my way through the irons Aw first, Pw next, Sw, 9-I, 7-I, 4-I, 3-H, and then onto my driver. There was a couple next to me and the guy was instructing his girlfriend on how to hit the ball. He made a few comments to me and said nice hitting. He then asked if he could video tape me hitting the ball with my driver. He starts filming with his I-Phone his girlfriends swing and then stops filming and said to me...now you hit yours. So I smashed it. He gets excited and said wow! That was awesome. Then shows me the film. He had an App that he filmed the girl first then cut in my driver smashing the ball and then filmed the ball flying straight out the range. It was kinda funny because then he cut back to the cute girl smiling and laughing. It was definitely comical....so if you see a young girl on YouTube smacking the cover off a ball you know who it is....I was a little flattered to say the least.

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