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It happens at private clubs too..


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I teed off today at 1:30. Beautiful afternoon with cobalt blue skies, slight breeze. We have a twosome.

A threesome teed off on #1 and left us for quite awhile.

On the back, there is a twosome in front of us. They had apparently let the threesome behind them - through.

These guys were real jerks. They not only had no clue about the game or having any sense of rithym, but they abused the golf course.

We got to the last and were waiting on them to finish. They walked off the green and went to their cart next to the green (which is adjacent to the parking lot).

Took their Fing time fishing things out of their pockets- putting down scores, etc. Could have easily just moved the cart into the parking lot - but NO...

I wish I had one of those police stun guns. Would have been awesome, seeing them writing on the ground, legs shaking like a leaf - eyes bulging. No permanent damage but completely helpless.

So for those of you who think that these occurences are limited to muni's - think again...

BTW - I fashioned an 80 from the tips. Course slopes out at 136 from back there. 7 over on the front and battled back with a 1 over on the backside....


aka Dick Ramser
Aug 31, 2004
Great round.

The stun gun would be useful with incompetent caddies too. Your wife may need some casual hints around Christmas time.

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