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Top Bloke
Dec 21, 2006
I just hit 4 balls with my old Bridgestone J33R 460 by the light of my driveway motion-sensor. :D It's 8.5 degrees, has a ul540 in it.

Flushed all four. Hitting that thing from the center feels like puring a 2 iron to me. Absolutely perfect feel. It's going back in the bag for my next round, which is quite important as I'm still in qualifying for the golf team.

The Hibore XL has been odd lately, I'm hitting it off the toe, mostly big blocks that have my normal fade, so way right. With the occasional pull hook when I try not to block it, of course. :D

The best way to fix this problem is obviously with a very unforgiving driver. Allow myself no room for error. ;) Anybody else want to share their love for the J33R here?


Well-Known Member
Oct 31, 2007
I just got a new j33r 460, custom from Bridgestone:

12*, Prolaunch Blue 44.5"

I have owned several j33's in the past, but could never launch the ball high enough. The 12* head should help that. I have never hit a driver that feels/sounds as sweet when hit on the screws.

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