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Karma got me back for...something...?


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
So last night, I get home at about 11pm from the library, as is the norm for this time of the school year (mid-exams). I screwed around for a bit and then was getting ready for bed at 12:30 and went and plugged in my laptop to keep it charged while it finished doing some of the stuff it was doing (Dell 600m for those wondering).

As soon as I plug it in...screen goes blank, there's no power, and I smell a faint burning smell. I knew instantly that I had just fried the motherboard...by, uh...plugging it in. Good times.

If any of you have seen Legally Blonde, you've seen how law students use laptops. Our laptops are our lives. EVERYTHING I HAVE FOR SCHOOL is on there. Luckily, I had performed a backup relatively recently, so have access to at least some of the stuff, and as I had just written one exam yesterday, most of the stuff for the upcoming three exams had been unchanged since the backup...but still. What a huge pain in the ass.

Dell is sending a new mobo and power adapter, but those won't come until next week, so until then, to tide myself over, I had to go down to the local Future Shop, buy a laptop that will be returned in a week or so, and spent my day configuring it for how I need it. What a pain, not really how I planned on spending my day...grr.

I'm not quite sure what I did to have deserved this...I know I'm no saint, but being a law student with 3 100% first year finals (some of my most important marks of my entire school career) next week...this is just harsh.

But, I'm taking it all in stride, drinking some imitation brand of Red Bull from Costco to keep me awake, as I found it quite difficult to get to sleep after the beast died last night, and toiling away at the library.

This BETTER damn well make me stronger.

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