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Knuckleball goes almost 300 yards


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Jun 1, 2007
Had a local guy on our launch monitor today who is really good....but showed up for his fitting after a few beers.... (okay, he was wasted). But insisted to use his allocated time...so I agreed and figured, hell, this should be good for a few laughs....

So here was his results...

100+ swing speed......but hit the ball so far upward, it had the trajectory of a good 6-iron.....almost sky ball like....and he hit it at an impact angle imparting a spin, only suitable for someone hitting the ball at 10 mph more.....bottom line, he hit a knuckleball....and probably will not remember it tomorrow.

But still, look at his results.

102 swing speed
149 ball speed
19.8 launch angle
2039 spin rate
276 carry
203 total distance.


The reason I bring it up???

He shows a swing speed similar to mine....is wasted......and STILL out drives me by 50 yards.

I hate these guys.


now...a cartoon
Sep 27, 2008
so what does that mean then? same swing speed, and he outdrives you by a ton? is speed overrated?


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Nov 16, 2008
I wouldn't worry about it. For me the swing speed comes out right but the total distance and carry distance is never accurate in the real world. On a launch monitor my swing speed is generally between 116 and 121 and my ball speed us usually in the high 160s to low 170s and launch is usually around 12.5 and spin is usually around 2,850. On the course I carry the ball 285 to 305 yards depending on the day and wind and I get little to no roll out. Its not unusual for me to find my ballmark within a clublength of the ball. This is real world measured by gps. Lanch monitors always show me hitting rediculous lengths and getting plenty of roll out. In reality on the course my ball flight is higher than it ought to be and I get no roll out. To get the total distance and roll out that the launch monitor says I should get I would have to be playing rock hard fairways. I just find indoor launch monitors to be almost useless. They may be a fun thing to play with and do provide some useful info for club fitting but that's it. They just don't relate real closely with the real world. I also find that when I swing on a launch monitor I swing differently than I do on the course.....kind of like you are trying to beat the machine like its a video game. I'm not a fan at all of these machines. There is no substitute to hitting on the course or on an outdoor driving range.


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
I guarantee that I'm one of the shorter hitters here, and it's not totally about swing speed. Once I get the kinks out of my back, I can usually get the SS radar to measure over 100mph, occasionally 105mph.

But what depresses me and holds me back :) , is the fact that I took up golf at a relatively late age and thus have no "natural" swing to rely on. And my understanding of "good impact position" is more theoretical than physical: I know what it should look like, what it feels like every now and then, but I sure as heck can't duplicate it time after time.

And "good impact position" is what allows allows a golfer to get the most distance out of their swing speed. No flipping, dammit!!

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