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last round of the year....


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Well, today was definitely my last round of the year, since we're averaging 0 celsius (no farhenheit please....).

Today was exceptionally warmer, around 6, cloudy, rain setting in for about 5 holes. Was quite satisfied with my play today, considering the conditions and how I've been practicing in the indoor range lately. Made 19, a quadruple on the 9th, but a bird to make up for it...
Last hole. Pulled my drive in the rough. Made a little pull with my 6 iron (150 yard headwind) and landed in the bunker. Fortunately, the water in the bunker was iced. So I placed (I meant dropped ;) ) the ball on a nice lie in the bunker. Swooshed a high shot, a little retrospin, and it was 3 feet from the hole. Tapped in for par.

As Walter Hagen says, one good shot makes up for 3 bad shots (in my case 2 ). :D

Well, it's always a nice memory to play and finish nicely. Ain't it true Rock? :p


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada

I found myself reminiscing about the past summer, hitting balls at the range, the sun on my face, making an up and down for par.

I've been carrying my 60* wedge for about a month now all around the house. I'm gonna have to re-grip it come spring. It's sickening.

Someone win the lottery and fly me down somewhere south where it's warm. I'll cook you dinner every night that I'm there and do all your laundry. Even your Shot Talk thongs.



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Aug 27, 2004
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If I win the super lottery, everyone on ShotTalk is invited to Pebble Beach.

I like oysters :p


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Sorry, no winning ticket in Sunday's drawing. That will make the next one over 20 mil. so if I win you guys can count on a trip.

Hey Rock, I know you turned down Texas a couple of weeks ago but you should really reconsider. Played 27 in shorts yesterday. Looks like your sending us some more of your cold weather though cause tommorow may not get out of the 40s.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Rocky - come on down here to Alabama. We're entering our "off and on" season now (you will laugh...).

Rain tomorrow and then sunny the remainder of the week with highs of 15C..We haven't had our first frost yet (late...) so the courses are still green. We will get some good freezing weather fairly soon though.

Our courses have bermuda fairways and rough which will turn blonde/brown when the first freeze hits. The greens are bentgrass and thrive in the winter regardless of how cold it gets. The tees are overseeded with winter ryegrass and are nice and green also....

We can play about half the time during January and February....As long as it is 10C or higher - I'll get out there....

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