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Last Saturday......


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Aug 26, 2004
I shot a 105. I've been in that range for a long time with a few 97's scattered here and there. My handicap is now 30.

Ok, that's the ugly part.

Since my wife quite her job I now have some free time on my hands in the eveneings so wednesday I went to my very first golf lesson.......ever.

We worked on swing mechanics. Concentrating on the actual mechanics and only hitting the ball 10 yards or so...on line.

We changed the way I hinge my left wrist, we changed my set up and we changed my finish.....it's alot to think about, let me tell you.

Ok, Now I have a very small yard, 100x100 so practicing with real balls is out of the question but I did use thos little yellow spong rubber ones and spent 2 nights working on the new things I learned.

My daughter and I went down to the range yesterday and I went again this morning by myself before I went to the course.

I shot a 93 :)

Not only that, but I also used the same fecking ball the entire round!

Shot of the day....311 yard par 4, I drove the ball pin high about 40 feet right of the green. I chipped up, hit the flag stick and dropped the ball about 4 feet from the pin and the putted for birdie. :)

I had 4 pars, no snowmen and the rest doubles or bogeys.

What a great feeling! :D

I can hardly wait for my next lesson. :) :) :)


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004

I think you have had a breakthrough. Only incredible natural athletes can play the game well without instruction.

Its a lot more fun at 93 than as a Centurion - isn't it?

I like the short swings...a great Hogan fundamental/drill that he taught.

Keep it up...and show us what you have this Fall...

Kilted Arab

Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2005
Good on ya, Sling!

I'm in a similar position. For the record, I broke 90 y/day with my best round of the year on my local course...shot 87 on a 6600 yd par 72, so am feeling chuffed as well. A year or so ago I was breaking 90 about 8 times out of 10, then it all went pear shaped.

At last it's coming back together, and a lot of it is down to little things i've picked up on, remembered and concentrated on after reading this forum...! So cheers guys!

Relaxed grip, not trying to strangle the ball...relaxed swing, not trying to kill it...position of club half way up the backswing...following through on the swing properly...and at last it's working.

Sadly i don't get to the range just now. Too damned hot for one thing! Was 105 y/day.

Still, y'day got 7 pars and a birdie in my round...and no snowmen either.

You and me, Sling...we'll get that Irish bloke next time if we keep up at this rate..!


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Aug 26, 2004
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Damn right we will.

I'm taking my full handicap next time too (of course it will probably only be 15 by then....hehehe)!

Do I sense a business opportunity? Lighted course and an all night range?

I don't know how the locals would take to that but you immigrant worker bees would make it hum. (punny :) )

Kilted Arab

Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2005
Slingblade61 said:
Damn right we will.

I'm taking my full handicap next time too (of course it will probably only be 15 by then....hehehe)!

He didn't give you your full allowance?? Shocker!


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004

I was BBQ'ing last night with some of the further flung members of the IG clan. We were sampling your whiskies (Bourbon and Skotzh) and I had a wee chuckle to myself as to how they were acquired, on the global stage so to speak. We all toasted you as golfers of the world.

btw I'd had a few. To the point where both seemed to taste quite good. Obviously pollaxed!! :D

Good news Sling on the golf front. Keep it up.


Short Game Tragedy
Mar 8, 2005
Using the same ball for 18 is a major milestone in my book, for so many reasons. Great work, Sling daddy.

Now, the next step is to do that with a $4 ball instead of a noodle.... ;)


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Way to go Sling.

I got worse for a while after my lessons. It's nice that your's are helping so soon. If you do hit a point where things go downhill don't do what I did and go back to your old swing. It'll only delay things.

Looks like the next milestone will be breaking 90 with the same ball. :)

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