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Lead Golf Analyst Johnny Miller to Retire from NBC Broadcast Booth in Early 2019

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Apr 8, 2012
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Johnny Miller's NBC debut at the 1990 Bob Hope Classic. pic.twitter.com/kmZVxJXyBb
— Nick Zaccardi (@nzaccardi) October 16, 2018

LEAD GOLF ANALYST JOHNNY MILLER WILL RETIRE from NBC Sports in January 2019. Miller's last event will be the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

In a statement to Golf Channel, Miller said:

"The call for being there for my grandkids, to teach them how to fish. I felt it was a higher calling. The parents are trying to make a living, and the grandparents can be there like my father was with my four boys. He was there every day for them. I'm a big believer there is a time and a season for everything."

Miller has spent 29 years in the NBC booth after a Hall of Fame career that produced 23 wins on the PGA Tour, including two majors, the 1973 U.S. Open and 1976 Open Championship.

In December 2012 I enjoyed a long dinner with Miller at a Lexus event at Pebble Beach. Following are my notes on a small piece of that conversation:

I asked Johnny if he ever foresaw himself doing TV work. No, he said. He's signed on for three more years with NBC. After that it sounds like he'll be gone, except for an occasional event. He wondered aloud who might take his place. I said, "You must enjoy it." He's still in the tower after 20-plus years. Johnny said he feels like he has something to offer and brings something different to the game. My wife told him how she appreciates his candor. He told me a story about his mom's blackberry pie. He always wondered why it was the best. His mom finally shared the secret: mostly ripe, sweet berries, plus a few select tart ones. An approach that can also work well for golf commentary.
Reports say Paul Azinger will replace Miller.

Source: Lead Golf Analyst Johnny Miller to Retire from NBC Broadcast Booth in Early 2019


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Jan 8, 2009
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Miller has copped a lot of criticism over the years.

For some reason he has never affected me. Just another talking head.

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