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Jul 6, 2006
Gday Peoples,

Much as Nemo Im self taught and have been playing just over 3 years, Ive had rounds in the 80's on the easier courses but still have rounds in the hundreds. Its been nearly a year since Ive been in the 80's.

Anyway booked my first bunch of lessons a few weeks ago, about two weeks ago had the second lesson which was primarily the first lesson again.

Cant speak highly enough of the value of proper training, Ive read the books, watched the videos, joined a club, the whole bit, to no avail. Two lessons with a pro and Ive already got back into the 80's again, an 89 last Wedndesay. If like me u r wondering if its worth it???

Yes its worth it.

I can only imagine where my game would be now should I took the lessons three years ago when I first started to play the game.


No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
I played for 15 years before I had a lesson. I wish I hadn't had all that time to develop the bad habits I'm currently trying to rid myself of.

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