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lightest hybrid shaft


Well-Known Member
Jan 12, 2007
I picked up an Adams Iwood in 17* to fit a spot in my bag. I really want it as a 5w replacement rather than a 3i replacement. Just wondering what is the lightest hybrid shaft anyone is playing?? It currently has the Aldila 75 gram in it, but it launches pretty high so that shaft will be coming out anyway.....but my idea was to go with a lighter shaft and leave it long trying to gain some yardage. Currently the top of my bag looks something like this.....
4i -- 170ish
3i -- 180ish
5w -- 200-205
13* 3w -- 215-220
I am hitting this thing about 185-190 but would like it to be 195-200 so I could in some cases drop the 3i and 5w for another wedge. Could make a gain like that with a better, lighter shaft and making it essentially 5w length??......or will I lose control of it??


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