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Looking for a couple of wedges and maybe a whole set


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Well, depending on how it goes while we're out this weekend, my dad may take up golf. Trying to find him a set CHEAP just so that he doesn't have to rent every time.

Anyone getting rid of something or have some crap lying around?

As for the wedges, I've decided I don't like the CG10 54 low bounce or the Vokey Black Ni 258-08 and I love the Mizuno MP (chrome) 50-06 (bent to 51)

I think I want to go to either Vokey 256-10 (bent to 55) and Vokey 260-04 (bent to 59) or the Miz 56-11 and 60-05 (bent same as the Vokeys). Anyone have some lying around and want to sell/trade them?

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