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Loop's Club Assembly Guide for the Amateur


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Aug 27, 2004
As promised, this is a guide for assembling clubs, for those that may be interested.

- Grip (check the diameter)
- Shaft (check the tip and butt diameter)
- Ferrule (the cone above the hosel's clubhead)
- Clubhead (check the hosel diameter)
- 2 parts slow cure epoxy
- 2 way tape
- Sandpaper
- Grip Solvent or Paint Thinner
- Acetone
- Some masking tape
- A little wooden stick or a stick of anything.
- Grit Edge Saw Blade (for graphite shafts) or Tubbing Cutter (for Steel Shafts).

The shaft
There's the butt end (where you install the grip) and the tip (where you put the clubhead).
If you don't need to tip trim, skip to the next paragraph.
If you need to tip trim (check the shaft trimming charts), measure and mark on the shaft the length to trim, put a masking tape on the marking, then cut with a Saw blade (for graphite shaft) or the tubbing cutter (for steel shaft).
Don't use the Cutter for graph shaft as it will damage the shaft with fibers protruding.
Also, when cutting with the saw blade, saw up until it's almost cut, turn the shaft to other side, and finish sawing from that side.

Sanding the tip
You can't insert the clubhead into the tip as there is paint on the tip. So you need to abrade the tip to take off the paint, but you also need to do it to put some epoxy.
To measure the length to abrade, first measure the length from the top of the hosels clubhead to where it bottoms out. Use something small like a pen, and insert it in the hosel to see how deep it goes. Measure that distance.
Then measure the length of the ferrule.
Add those two measurements, and mark it on the shaft. Put a masking tape around that marker so you won't abrade more than necessary.
Now start filing/abrading the tip of the shaft with a sandpaper. Do it gently and in a uniform manner. Don't abrade too much, just enough for the clubhead to go in.

Putting the ferrule
If you're building a driver with a graph shaft, you don't need to put epoxy on the ferrule, as it is difficult to slide the ferrule down the shaft.
Put the ferrule, and hammer it down until it sits near the marker.
You may need some kind of strong tube that has the ferrule's diameter.

Putting the clubhead
Mix the 2 part epoxy in a 1:1 ratio, take a broken wooden stick (a popsicle stick is good) and lightly coat the tip of the shaft, then the inside of the hosel clubhead. Don't put too much epoxy.
Insert the clubhead, and align the shaft so that the logo's shaft coincide with the clubhead.
Hammer the clubhead on the ground, making sure the clubhead is really well fitted into the shaft.
Then let the club stand, the clubhead on the ground, the butt end of the shaft on a wall.
Let it sit for 24 hours. Don't touch anything before 24 hours, and I mean it, the epoxy really takes a long time to glue.

Sometimes, you may see that the ferrule is larger than the hosel.
In that case, put a masking tape above and below the ferrule.
Sand the ferrule with the sandpaper.
When the ferrule is level with the hosel, take off the tape, and you 'll see the ferrule is pretty ugly.
Here comes the magic: put some acetone on a towel, clean the ferrule with towel, and voila.

The grip
Normally,you can't insert the grip into the butt end of the shaft, as it is too small. No worry.
First, measure the grip length, take the 2 way tape which has the length of the grip, put the tape on the shaft, with a bit of tape (4-5 mm) protruding out of the butt shaft.
Bend that tape on the inside of the shaft. Peel off the first layer of the 2 way tape.

For the next step, you need to be very fast.
I also suggest you do it in an open space as it'll stink pretty bad.
Put some Grip Solvent (or paint thinner if you don't have) inside the grip, pour that solvent on the 2 way tape. Put more solvent if need be.
With this, you can easily slide the grip into the butt end of the shaft.
Turn the grip so the logo coincides with the logo's shaft.
Do it quickly, as the Thinner will evaporate quickly.

Hope you enjoyed that little guide. If you have any questions, tips, corrections, feel free to ask and post.


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Aug 26, 2004
Awesome post Loop.....how about some pics? ;)

I actually use a 5 minute epoxy...I'm impatient.....works very well though.


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Jan 4, 2005
wow....thanks for posting this all of 30 minutes after i assembled a set of clubs....great timing:( Great guide tho, just remeber to align the shafts how you would like them to be before the epoxy has time to harden


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Aug 27, 2004
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You're right Sling. I'll put some pics as soon as I receive my new components. :)

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