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Losby Golfklubb Outside Oslo, Norway site of 2007 SAS Masters

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
Losby Golfklubb

This was the second leg our journey, and while it was mentioned to be one of the Top 100 courses in Europe, I did not realize until getting back that it was the site of the 2007 SAS Masters. So interesting to have played the site of the last two over a span of two rounds. This being the other:

Like Arlandastad, the price was just over $100, in comparison to the $90 we spent on 3 rounds of beer (6x.5l) in the bar in Oslo after the round or the $82 cab ride (20 minute) one way to get to the course. Things that just make you go Hmmm.

This was a rather interesting course, and while I mention most of the courses I play are Mountain Courses I would consider this similar to a mountain course up here. The people who recommended the course do not even consider this course to be hilly in comparison to ones in Norway.

This course is entirely different from Arlandastad and more similar to what I am used to playing. While overall I think this was a much more difficult with the setup and my playing partner concurred, he scored the same and I scored much better. Likely because it more closely resembled what we are used to playing in the PA~NJ region. You can also get lost on this course when not being familiar and if you do not look at the map on the back of the card. I would truly hate to walk what these guys consider a hilly course. The course was in fairly decent shape, although they were just starting the Aeration process that day, so while we did not have see anything outside of the tee boxes, I imagine the greens and fairway are normally in better shape. As they had not been aerated yet and were likely recovering from the winter. Although outside of the greens being a little unpredictable at times as far as speed, and the fairway being a little patchy in some spots, the course played fantastic and was in great shape.

It was truly a much more scenic course, although not sure I would say better as it is simply a different style course.

I guess in closing, I doubt I would recommend Stockholm/Oslo as a golf getaway. As you would likely have to take out a second Mortgage to stay in the cities for a week. If you are in the areas, these are both very nice courses and in comparison to the cost of living in the cities the price of Golf is a steal. I am just thankful that my wifes part of the trip and our hotel was paid for by her company. Nice to see and a pleasure to play golf there, but it is unlikely I will ever go back as I could likely visit many other places in Europe and the overall bill for both of us would still likely be less than the cost for one person just to eat and drink and get around in Oslo or Stockholm. Including probably going to Scotland and pay whatever it would cost to play both the Old Course and Carnoustie in the same trip.

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