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Lost my cool!


Mental Ward Escapee
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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
We were playing as a foursome on Saturday. A two in a cart was behind us. As I have stated in the past, we play quickly. By the turn, our foursome had separated by three holes from the twosome behind us. We were all playing well and we don't look for balls.
As we were approaching the green on #10, noticed a single in a cart had started on 10 and was waiting in the fairway for us to putt out. One of our group is a club board member. "I'll talk to the pro shop. This puting singles out on the back has got to stop. They should have had him wait and pair up with the twosome behind us." On #11, a par 4, the single was waiting on the tee box as we all hit to the green. Again, we were playing 'lights out' quickly. We decided that a single who had cut in on the back had no standing and we played on. On #12, another par 4, as we were hitting to the green, the single teed off and rolled a ball up on us. He, then drove up, got out of his cart, and stood by his ball as we putted out.
I am an extremely patient person. In this case, I wanted to go back and "have a discussion" with the single. My cart partner said "NO!", knowing I would probably regret what I said in anger. On #13 tee, the group waved the single up and told him to play through. I was livid. But, other than telling him he'd better play quickly or he'd have four hitting at him just as he had hit into us, I refrained from stating my opinion of his mother's heritage. I upchucked over the next two holes, before getting my focus on the game back.
The board member did have a talk with the pro shop as we finished. Seems the single had been told he would need to follow us and that we would play quickly.
Sometimes I hate golf... but enjoy the company of those who play golf. Othertimes, I enjoy golf... but hate some of the a-holes who play!!!!!
Rant over......

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
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Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
I'm not sure why a single was sent out on the back 9 but regardless, it wasn't his fault, it was the pro shop's fault. Let him play through and go on about your day. Don't get your feathers ruffled over something so trivial. .

I've been the single that no one would let play through. When I go out of town on work, I like to stop and play different courses along the way. I would prefer that they pair me up with someone but in a lot of cases they send me out by myself. I can't count how many times that I've played entire round behind the same foursome. I would never make a single wait behind my group. I think it's rude and completely inconsiderate to not let faster players play through. We're all golfers, it should be like a fraternity and we should look out for each other.

Limp, I'm glad you let him play through without giving him an earful. You also had every right to complain to the proshop.

William Tipton

Active Member
Apr 24, 2013
United States United States
"the single teed off and rolled a ball up on us"
Yeah....that doesnt work for me.
He gets the first one for free.
The second one will be a serious problem.