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Low Price Golf ball review


Well-Known Member
Jun 24, 2006
Toledo Bend Lake, Louisiana
United States United States
Places like Golfsmith, Edwin Watts, and

others are selling Maxfli Black Max for under $30 a dozen. For me, the ball seems to perform close to the Titleist ProV1 which is probably the best ball around, but too expensive.

Do not laugh, but the Topflite 3000's that come in the green box (not the yellow, red, or blue box) are not bad. You can get eighteen of those for around twelve dollars or so. And you want have too many people trying to bum a ball off you. Sort of like buying Schlitz beer, the "beer that people don't borrow." Put the stuff in an ice cold mug, and it ain't half bad, and if you drink enough, you can probably save enough to buy better golf balls.

Sincerely, Cypressperch


Pulaski Golf Rocks!!
May 20, 2006
lol Well I just bought a dozen Callaway HX Hots to match my new driver and I really really like them I actually believe that the hexagonal dimple adds distance I aboslutely crush that ball. They feel very nice and have some decent spin to them I was also impressed with the distance control when putting.


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
I like Noodles - 36 for about $15 here in the UK. Strikes the right performance/cost ratio balance for me.

Also like the Maxfli M3 solid which is annother good value ball here.

The only Pro v1s I use are the ones that I find and to be honest I am not really good enough to tell the difference.

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