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Maybe I should quit now


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2005

First post here, had to share a story. My wife and I started about a year ago and love it. Still havn't broken 100 but love it anyway.

So here's the story -

We're going for a quick nine at Penmar in Venice, California. I know we may have to quit early because my nephew is driving into town and we decided to just leave the course when he reaches LA and we'll meet him at home. So he calls before the 4th hole (about an hour before we expected him). So I decide, "One more hole". Short par 4. I decide to hit with the 3 wood just cause I wanted a little practice (as oppossed to two 7 irons and I don't mess with that driver yet). Crappy tee shot leaves me in the rough about 110 yards from the hole. But when I get to the ball I see it resting very high up in this grass. Just tee'd up perfectly. I hit a pretty nice pw but I was sure I hit it too far. I saw one bounce on the fringe of the green and then lost the ball. Since I didn't see it on the green I figured it either rolled off or was in the hole. Sho 'nuff that guy was in the hole.

So since my nephew was on the way we left and I was on par through 4 holes (par was 15!). So of course I pro-rate the day and just say I shot par that day.

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