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Mid-Season Round Up


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
Well, half of the season is gone so far, and I guess its time to revive the thread about the NFL 2010 season.

just my comments here:

NFC East:
-Well, the Giants looked awful at the beginning, but they seem to have found the path and are looking quite serious as a Super Bowl contender.
-Eagles are doing great behind Vick's hands after the most controversial QB exchange ever.
-Redskins aren't doing as good as expected with McNabb directing, but they already did better than the whole last season.
-The Cowboys, well, the Cowboys win the BIGGEST DECEPTION EVER Award. It is impossible, even if you try, to do SO BAD with the team they have.

NFC North:
-Packers looks pretty good although they lost completely their rushing game.
-Bears Offensive line can't stop a team of belly dancers but keep the record due to a renovated DL playing like in its best years. Lots and lots to do in this year's draft since we finally get a first round pick.
-Lions are playing much better than anyone would have expected, but I guess luck has not being on their side. They've lost almost every game by one play at most, and their record is undeserved. This is the kind of team which you don't want to play against because it can kill your season.
-The Vikings where competing with the Cowboys for Biggest Deception Ever, but Allen and the DL showed some remarkable talent Sunday night to stop the mediocre Cardinals. Favre becomes a bigger douche-bag every game. His ability for selfishness and ruining a game is costing the Vikings its season. Why four pass plays at the 1yd line when you have the best RB in the league? Because he just wants his stats to keep rising, even if it sacrifices the whole team. Stupid controversy around Moss, stupid controversy around Favre, stupid controversy around Childress. You can't win a game with all the talent if every problem is generated by your own people.

NFC South:
-Atlanta playing greatly. My choice for a surprise SuperBowl Contender
-Saints still playing at high level and might get back to the big game as well.
-Tampa Bay its been quite a surprise and Freeman was a steal in the draft for sure.
-Carolina should just wait for the 2011 draft because they have nothing to do this season

NFC West:
-Most mediocre conference in the NFL. Only thing to rescue is the fact the Rams found a franchise's QB and it seems just time is needed for them to come back to the elite. an Francisco would be the biggest deception, but thanksfully the Cowboys and Vikings play way too hard for the trophy.

AFC East:
-Jets are playing for the championship, but it seems they still lack something
-Patriots have Tom Brady, and that seems to be enough for winning 11 games per season.
-Miami has had a hard time, but don't be surprised if they get to the play-offs and beat of better ranked teams then. Bill Parcells is giving a lecture on how to change a team which sucks big time completely in two years. You can't blame them for anything for sure.
-Buffalo as the lions hasn't been lucky, and should think on what to get with the first pick on next year's draft.

AFC North:
-Interesting competition between Steelers and the Ravens. Steelers are showing an enormous defence and a great running game. They've shown they don't need Big Ben for winning games. Ravens are going "stealth mode" this year. No one has noticed them, but they are building quite a record and might surprise more than one.
-Browns disappoint again although they finally found a running game which is winning them a few games. Let's wait to see if they do something next year, although, they are the Browns, they just won't.
-Bengals, another big deception. Palmer is playing like a college QB making stupid mistakes. Sometimes there is a spark of talent like last night against the Steelers. Too many problems out of the field though.

AFC South:
-Titans are playing pretty good. Great running game. Hope Moss becomes an aid and not a problem for them.
-Manning's Team (or Colts, however you want to call them) shows, again, he can make ANYBODY play. 3/4 of the team is injured but he seems to manage to keep "there" and keep winning some games. The same belly dancer team who is capable of beating the Bear's OL would score 40 points per game with Manning on board
-Texans have a ridiculously good offensive team and a ridiculously awful defensive team. .500 record shows one win from the offence per every lose from the defence
-Jacksonville is "going". They just play but you never know which team you're going to get

AFC West:
-Greatest surprise from the Chiefs who seem to be on the right track and might become a tough contender in the next few years.
-Great surprise by the Raiders. They finally got it and are able to win sometimes. Definitely, Russell was not the way to go.
-Denver is another bid disappointment. McDaniels showed he still needs to learn a lot from Bill, and is far far behind his tutor
-San Diego is playing the same way it does every year. Sucks at the beginning, gets eliminated, and then wins 8 in a row for a play-off spot. I still think Rivers is the man, but I'm afraid he'll be the next Dan Marino (best QB, no Superbowl Ring)

Any other thought?

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