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Mizuno MP-30 Review


Well-Known Member
Mar 21, 2005
This last monday I won an eBay auction for a slightly used set of Mizuno MP-30 Irons. 3-PW. Well, they came in the mail today, as my heart beated furious with anticipation upon their arrival, I opened them and was in awe on how clean and pristine they look. I had just graduated from Ping Eye 2s, so this was a rather big step for me going from a cast cavity back to a forged near blade. I took the clubs to the range, and went threw two buckets with them, 1 word will describe them, heavenly.
They're setup with Mizuno Tour Velvet, TT Dynamic Gold R300.
I will do a 1-10 rating on all things I can think of:

Looks - 10
Feel - 9
Workability - 8
Distance Gained/Lost - about 5 yards less than my Eye 2s, maybe just from unfamiliarity.

It's nice to have a set of clubs that I'm not ashamed of playing with now, with the new clubs came a huge boost in confidence in my equipment, which I think is necessary for any good golfer. They have something the Pings don't, which is why I like them.
Now no review would be complete without a picture!

Caught my dog in a funny position on my bed. Isn't he cute?


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Nice clubs! For a CB those are probably some of the best out there. Good pick up.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Congrats on finding a great set of clubs but isn't the headcover in the second pic a little large?:)

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