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Mizuno MX17 or Nike NDS

Robbie G

Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2005
Hi there. I'm a UK-based mid-handicapper that has been playing on and off for five years (I'm 25). I'm currently using a very old set of Ben Sayers hand-me-down blades, which are challenging to say the least, but very satisfying when hit sweetly.

I think it's time to get real and go for some improvers. You should probably know that I've narrowed myself down to these two based on only reading, and probably will not get fit or try first as I'm an average height and swinger (I'm 5'11''). For Christmas I'm going to buy a new OR decent second hand full set of irons...

I have two main questions:

- which of these two would you go for?

- am I likely to grow out of these swiftly (whatever that means!) - I consider my ability such that I can improve loads with enough practice.

(While we're at it, what does "generous offset" mean exactly?)

You should probably also know that I hit 200 balls per week at the range and have an estimated handicap of around 20 (never acquired a proper handicap).

Thanks very much for any advice. Rob.

Golf Monkey

Well-Known Member
Jun 9, 2005
I've a set of MX-17's and I'm really happy with them (you'll find a few cheap sets on Ebay)

There's no doubt practice will help reduce your handicap, but a few lessons with a pro will help no end.

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