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MORNING READ: Put an Asterisk on 2020 PGA Tour Season*

Dogfish Head

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Apr 8, 2012
Huntsville, AL
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"Good intentions aside, FedEx Cup playoffs will crown a champion from a season that can't help but come up short of being legitimate."

The FedEx Cup Playoffs started today with The Northern Trust at TPC Boston in Norton, Massachussetts. Four players lead after shooting 7-under 64s.

The PGA Tour has salvaged something that resembles a season under difficult circumstances.

As Purkey wrote, "We're fortunate to have live sports in any form at all, given how dire the situation appeared to be in the spring."

That's definitely true. In particular, it's good to have golf back. No, it's not the same by a mammoth Bryson DeChambeau drive, but at least it's something.

But then Purkey asked:
How can you have meaningful playoffs and a deserving champion during a season in which so many significant tournaments have been postponed or outright canceled? No Players Championship. No Wells Fargo Championship. No British Open.
Playoffs, with only one major championship in the books? The U.S. Open and Masters in the 2021 season?
Reasonable people would maintain that the PGA Tour had little choice, given the cards it was dealt. However, doing the best you can is not always the best outcome. Sometimes, you have to take those cards, fold ’em and wait for the next deal.​
So, is Purkey right? Is this an asterisk season?

I doubt if an asterisk will appear in any record books. But there is a strong case for one.

Actually, 2020 is an asterisk year. Everything is disrupted. Normal has left the premises and won't be back anytime soon.

Source: MORNING READ: Put an Asterisk on 2020 PGA Tour Season*

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