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Moving the extras for the tax man and credit card sale!


Gimme some roombas!
Aug 13, 2006
So after a room remodel gone wild, I'm going to try to move a few extra's to help cover the inbound CC bill. All prices are shipped/ paypalled CONUS, and I am happy to ship overseas if the buyer is willing to cover the actual shipping.

1. Project X 6.5 flighted: 3-pw, .355 taper. These are cut off a standard PW, then 3/8 gaps, so the long irons are slightly short. Three of the shafts have minor dings in them, with only one being below the grip. I do not believe this will be a performance issue, but you needed to know. I hope my price reflect this. $70

2. TaylorMade 2009 TP Rescue: 19 degrees, FCT, stock Voodoo SVS8. Great stick, very forgiving. Hits it slightly too high for me. 8/10. Slightly nick on toe, pin sized. Brand new headcover. $115

3. TaylorMade Tour Burner TP: 9.5 degree. A few slight marks on the crown and wear on sole. Face is nice, topline is pretty clean. Conservative 7/10. VS Proto 65 in stiff with blue GPMC. I would love to sell this head only. $120, or $75 head only

4. Odyssey 2 ball SRT belly: 43 inches. Has a line sharpied on the top. Really in decent shape. 2 ball cover $75

5. Vintage Ping laminated woods: 1,4, and 5 woods. 1 and 4 are red dot Eye 2's, and the 5 is a black dot Eye. Seems to have been refinished. The 5 wood is as new. Steel shafts, with perfect windings. $40 each, or $110 for the set.

6. Sonartec NP-99 3 wood. 15 degree, stock NV-75S. Shaggy dog, 6/10 condition, but still its a great ball. Perfect refinish project! $30

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