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Multiple Putters?


Well-Known Member
Aug 30, 2004
I currently have the following 14 clubs in my bag:

Callaway Steelhead III Driver 10.5* - graphite reg flex - 275 yds
Callaway Steelhead III 3W, 5W - graphite firm flex - 250 yds, 225 yds
Taylor Made Rescue Mid 3 (19*), 4 (22*) - graphite stiff flex - 200 yds, 185 yds
Taylor Made 360XD Irons - 5-PW - $300 - 175 yds in
Cleveland 900 FormForged 54*, 60* RTG Wedge - short game
Scott Cameron Copy Putter 33"

I've been toying around with the idea of carrying 2 putters.

I feel very comfortable with the Cameron copy I have for short and intermediate putts, but I don't hit it as well long - over 35 feet. I was debating getting a 2-ball putter for the longer putts and fringe putts (I have seen Odyssey copies on eBay for $40). This would also allow me to try out a 2-ball putter for a small $$ investment (trying them in the store for 10 minutes doesn't do me any good - I need to play with one to see if I like it).

I would replace the 60* wedge (which I don't use often at all and when I do not very well) with the 2nd putter. My thinking is that I may have a better chance at securing the 2-putt (and maybe make a couple long ones) with the 2-ball putter on long putts (which I seem to have more than a couple of times a round) instead of the 3-putts I am getting now.

Does it make sense to carry 2 putters? Anyone here carry two putters? Should I just replace the Cameron with the 2-ball for a few rounds and keep the 60* in the bag?



Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
I know a guy who played in 2 ncaa championships and used 2 putters. If it works for you than do it.

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